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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Video editing : Using iPhone footage to create professional videos for Instagram - Premiere Pro. | 100% free skillshare course

No need for an expensive camera! Let's make a video with iPhone footage. Hi I’m David Sundström and in this beginner tutorial I will teach you how to create a professionally looking video for social video, just using your mobile footage. In just over 40 minutes I will go through how to organise files, the basics of editing, creating effects and much more. This course is part of a series where we learn How to create videos for social media, so after this course if you feel more proficient feel free to enroll in the intermediate course. 
For as long as a have remember, I have had an interest in creating videos. But about two years ago I started a network for self-taught creators born and raised with social media. And during this time I have learned a lot about about what content works and what looks good on social media. While not trying to lump all creative styles together, I have chosen to teach you just one of many trendy styles on social media. Because this is the one I prefer and enjoy the most. 

So what is this course going to be about you may ask?
I will firstly take you through how you manage your files to keep your project clean, then I will show you the BASICS of editing. Later on I am going to guide you through how you find music for free, create your own effects, re-compose the videos, animate keyframes to transform your clips, some basic color corrections, as well as teaching you how to export your video.
Feel free to ask any questions, see you in the course! :)


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