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Monday, July 13, 2020

Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk 16 Issabel..68% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..............................................UPDATED! Cover Asterisk 16 & Cloud Issabel Installation, Security  WebRTC Video Conferencing & Call Center. 
  • Do you need a cost-effective phone system or full features rich Call Center for business?
  • Are you tired of paying the licensing costs to the proprietary phone system?
  • Do you want to expand your business and require a phone system but legacy systems don't allow you?
  • You are interested to learn asterisk but like to avoid command line and Linux shell at the start?
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Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk 16 Issabel

Issabel (previously known as 'ELASTIX') is the world's most popular and widely adopted open-source IP telephony software. The core VoIP communication is based on Asterisk - The most powerful IP telephony platform. This course is designed for the newbies, small & medium businesses that like to use the IP telephony - PBX or even the solution providers that like to gear up for telephony services to the end-users.
The course starts with initial telephony concepts and terms used in the phone service industry. No prior technical knowledge about telecommunication required to take this course.
The course has a project depicting the real-world scenario. This helps the students to have activity-based learning and can apply learned knowledge to the real world. The course clearly explained the phone system features with lab practice for configurations.
Proprietary systems invite a license fee for most Business-critical features and UC Features like mobility and third-party integration. To avoid the expensive add-ons go the open source way.
Use a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms, thereby having “greater employee productivity, reduced costs and a means to improve customer engagement.

Who this course is for:
  • This Issabel IP telephony course is meant for newbies that needs a phone system in theirs offices or homes. No phone system knowledge or experience is required. The telecom or computer networking professionals that needs to gain knowledge on VoIP and phone system.
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