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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cost Accounting and Financial Management - A Complete Study..92% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........................................Note: This course may have several lectures reproduced from Financial Management A Complete Study Course and Cost Accounting A Comprehensive Study Course in addition to unique lectures created for this course. So, before buying compare other two courses with this course and take a calculated decision.
Cost Accounting and Financial Management - A Complete Study

Welcome to the comprehensive ever course on
Cost Accounting and Financial Management A Complete Study
As the name suggests, this course is going to teach you both the Cost Accounting and Financial Management very comprehensively covering Definitions, Theories, Examples, Practice Problems, Lots of Case Studies for practice, Articles to facilitate better understanding, downloadable handouts for revision purposes, Quizzes, etc.
Course contents are delivered through Video lectures covering Talking head (where i appear on scree and take you through like class room teaching), screen cast and excel based videos for quantitative problems.
This course is meant for students aspiring to learn Cost Accounting and Financial Management for finance based professional course examinations like CA / CMA / CFA / CIMA / CS / MBA Finance / MS Finance, etc. Hence, academic oriented teaching approach has been adopted for this course.
This course will cover syllabus which will be equivalent to one semester / one year teaching in college / professional courses on Cost Accounting and Financial Management.
Following topics will be discussed in this course:
A) Financial Management:
a) Introduction to Financial Management (covering role of CFO, difference between Financial Management, Accounting and other disciplines)
b) Time Value of Money
c) Financial Analysis through Ratios (covering ratios for performance evaluation and financial health, application of ratio analysis in decision making).
d) Financial Analysis through Cash Flow Statement
e) Financial Analysis through Fund Flow Statement
f) Cost of Capital of Business (Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Marginal Cost of Capital)
g) Capital Structuring Decisions (Capital Structuring Patterns, Designing optimum capital structure, Capital Structure Theories).
h) Leverage Analysis (Operating Leverage, Financial Leverage and Combined Leverage)
I) Various Sources of Finance
j) Capital Budgeting Decisions (Payback, ARR, MPV, IRR, MIRR)
k) Working Capital Management (Working Capital Cycle, Cash Cost, Budgetary Control, Inventory Management, Receivables Management, Payables Management, Treasury Management)

B) Cost Accounting:
a) Basics of Costing Accounting
b) Material costing
c) Labour Costing
d) Overheads Costing
e) Standard Costing Techniques
f) Standard Costing Variances
g) Operating Costing
h) Marginal Costing
Get ready for deeper learning process and wish you a happy learning.
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