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Monday, July 13, 2020

Managerial (Cost) Accounting For Beginners..94% offudemy coupon code

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  • Learn everything about Managerial Accounting in about 4 hours.

What are my students saying:
"I wish I would've found this course before I started failing accounting. Glass half full: at least I'm learning."
Managerial (Cost) Accounting For Beginners

"This is fantastic. I was having trouble understanding my book and this video course is making more sense."
"Very helpful. It helped me learn cost accounting to get to advanced level."
"The quality of this course is amazing. It´is practical and also very good for grasping the accounting flows."
"It is quite a nice course. Videos are short and very descriptive. For every topic there is a short video that explains the concepts, and afterwards there are detailed videos with problem solving. I feel I have such a good understanding of the subject now. Thanks!"
"This is a lot easier to understand than other accounting courses I had seen so far. The professor doesn't use jargons making it easier for students like to understand it with ease."
"This is more lively than my managerial class and teacher. I am getting more from this course!"
"I am taking accounting for the first time and I am really having a hard time. This course made it so easy though. The quizzes are very practical too and I think I can use it more in the future. Very friendly course."
The most popular topics covered:
  • Job Order Costing
  • Process Costing (Equivalent units of production)
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Break Even
  • Margin of Safety
  • High Low Method
  • Variable Costing
  • Absorption Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Standard Costs
  • Residual Income
  • Relevant Costs
  • Time Value of Money
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
More about this course:
I believe that you should not fall asleep when learning something new. You need to be encouraged and excited instead. In order to be excited about learning, you need to understand easily. If you struggle to understand, of course you will fall asleep. I have implemented a new way of teaching. Animated videos which are easy to understand. Problem solving videos that teach you how to apply what you have learned. Learning has never been so exciting.
In this course you will find great tools used in business that will aid the decision-making process. You will be able to identify and use important accounting information, identify and analyze various alternatives (projects, investments), and choose the best.
In this course you will find everything explained with a video lecture. There are 2 types of video lectures. The first type is an animated (cartoon) video that breaks down the most difficult concepts used in business. The second type is a problem solving shared screen that will help you with the calculations and analysis, as well as your thinking process.
Depending on your commitment, this course can take you somewhere from a week to few weeks to complete. The curriculum is designed as such, so that you will retain the information you will receive.
Whether you are a business owner, manager, or a student, you will need this course. This course will provide you with great tools that will make your decisions much more informative and calculated.
Who this course is for:

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