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Thursday, October 22, 2020

How To MAKE Comics | Discount60% off udemy coupon code

 How To MAKE Comics

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How To MAKE Comics

In this course we will cover over 10 hours of content including -

  • What are Comics?

  • Coming up with concepts and ideas

  • Character concepts with Clayton Barton 

  • Character sheets with Mike Van Orden

  • World Building - The Ws

  • World building - Architecture and themes

  • Script types

  • Shot Types

  • Shot composition

  • Composition exercises

  • Types of panels

  • Panel flow

  • Tangents

  • Dynamic vs Static with Chris Graves

  • Storyline and Tempo

  • Story beats 

  • Thumbnailing Basics

  • Storyboarding thumbs with Jean-Claude De La Ronde

  • Color

  • Lettering - Fonts, Dialogues, and Word Bubbles 

  • Lettering - Titles 

  • Lettering - effect

  • Cover choices

  • Printing with Barry Gregory

  • Marketing with Rob Arnold 

  • Teambuilding with Rob Arnold 

  • Feedback on submitted sequential work


Other Lifestyle

Comic Book Creation

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