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What exactly is this "A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking - a global view"

Answer is simple: - 

A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking - a global view

This course is an basic awareness level "street-smart quick view" of the latest happenings in new-generation world of banking from example of 15 different countries at a base-camp level. This course contains case studies about ongoing innovations in technology areas such as Artificial Intellegence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Blockchain, Bigdata Analytics, IOT, AR-VR, Open banking , Fintechs etc.

We would like the subscriber to seek continous knowledge on the Innovations of banking world for his or her life time, at no additional cost.

We created this course in 2018, where our focus was to just highlight glimpse of happenings in the digital banking world. However post initial success of this course, since 2019, we have been adding various new innovation themes; as if this course is a true digital center of innovation for the subscriber.  Since year in 2019 we have added many videos every year. Therefore after first 5 video lectures (which looks like previous generation videos now, as they are too basic coverage), we have restructured the entire theme making it more contemporary with several examples.

The coverage of this course include examples, illustrations and case studies from banks, financial institutions, fintech companies, third-party providers from countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain, India, New Zealand, Italy etc.

Part I of the Course (5 section involving Base story creation): -

Part I covers the defintion of the Digital Banking Transfomation with a view to moving towards digital era in the Internet and Mobile space. This also covers comprehensive back-end automation needed for any new level of innovations.    

Part II of the Course (7 segments involving Global Innovation Case studies and use cases): - 

Part II gives very sharp global case studies in various innovation areas such as: - Artificial Intellegence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Chatbots, Blockchain, Big-data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Open Banking, Fintechs, AR (Augumented Reality) / Virtual Reality (VR), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, social media Banking, Mobile ATM, advance Payment systems,  future Banking Illustration, Onboarding experience Illustration etc.

And who can get benefited?

- Those job aspirants who want to enter job market esp in Banking segment and want to impress the interviewer assuming tough competition of candidates.
- Students of Commerce, Banking, Finance, management and economics to maintain practical view of the Banking world .
- Employees of a bank to sharpen their skills with knowledge of world's leading  banks and make best presentation in their office and work on real-life projects.
- Employees of any industry working in Banking and financials segment (e.g. Employees of IT companies working with BFS customers) 
- School Students for helping on their assignment and project, in case they choose to present for industry example  .  
- Research students who want to have practical view of how industry is using latest science and technology in banking world.
- Students of digital marketing, who want to know the practical usage of initiatives done by Banks in various country. 

Who this course is for:

  • Any employee of a bank, any employee of IT company working BFS sector, anyone working on banking transaction for his organization, any Digital innovation learner, any aspiring interview candidate who is looking for a new job in banking sector, Any undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate student, or simply people who are interested to learn digital banking or digital tchnology innovations, any school students or college students who would like to undertake projects or have interest in studying new-generation Banking innovations can also take this course too.


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