GCP Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification..22% off udemy coupon code

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Udemy coupon................................GCP Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification..22% off udemy coupon code

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GCP Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

Google Cloud Platform GCP is Fastest growing Public cloud. Professional Cloud DevOps certification is the one which help you to advance your career in Cloud Computing & learn about DevOps, CI CD pipeline in the context of  GCP.

Welcome to my course on Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification, Which is one of most updated best course on internet.

This course has 12 Hours of insanely great video content with 70 hands-on Lab (Most Practical Course)

Do you want to learn about SRE and DevOps principal

Do you want to know how to deploy application to multiple compute products on GCP

how to setup CI CD pipeline on Google cloud

How to monitor and log your application on Google cloud

Do you want to learn  How to secure container deployment

If yes, You are at right place.

Cloud is the future and GCP is Fastest growing Public cloud.

87 percentage of Google Cloud certified individuals are more confident about their cloud skills.

More than 1 in 4 of Google Cloud certified individuals took on more responsibility or leadership roles at work.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud  Engineer Certification is the best to invest time and energy to enhance your knowledge about DevOps.

So, I created most practical comprehensive course will prepare you for Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification.

I am all exited to help you on your journey  towards Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification.

and So,  Designed most comprehensive training on GCP, having 12 hours of HD quality video content.

I believe in learning by doing and it's very much practical course

  • 70 Hands-on Demo

  • 80 percentage Practicals + 20 percentage Theory - Highly Practical course

  • Highly relevant to exam topics

  • Covers all major topics related to SRE, DevOps, CI CD pipeline, Monitoring, logging, container security

  • Minimum on Slides + Maximum on GCP cloud console

Have a look at course curriculum, to see depth of Course coverage.

Major Theme of certification course topics :

1. DevOps & SRE Principal

In this module I will teach you DevOps best practices principle on which DevOps concept developed and how to implement all those DevOps practices with site reliability engineering concept like error budget, blameless post mortem, toil automation SLI, SLO, SLA.

2. CI/CD Pipeline implementation

In this module I will teach you about some docker basics how to create docker images and push to the central repository. How to deploy your application to various computer product in a GCP environment. We will implement 5 CI CD pipeline with the help of various GCP services like cloud source repositories, cloud buildartifact registry container registry, cloud deployment manager.

3. Other tools

Here we will learn about the two important toll Jenkins and terraform.

4. Container security deployment

In this module we will learn about various products of which we make secure container deployment like binary authorization, container scanning API and Google manage Base image to make your docker image more secure

5. Monitoring and logging

In this module we will learn how to monitor and lock service with cloud monitoring and logging and its various features like uptime check, alerting policy, Log exploration, Log router, Log sink, Log base metricsdebuggertrace and error reporting

6. Optimization of Resources

In this section we will learn about few topics optimize your service resource from various perspective like Billing, total cost of consideration, preemptible virtual Machine at a reduced cost, Discounts.

This course also comes with:

  • Lifetime access to all course material & updates

  • Q&A Section

  • A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - "No Questions Asked"

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion

So, What are you waiting for, Enroll NOW and I will see you inside course.


Ankit Mistry

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone want to learn devops
  • Anyone who want to pass GCP devops certification
  • Anyone want to learn GCP services for CI/ CD pipeline implementation

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