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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Mainframe CICS Developer Training By Anil Polsani | 51% off udemy coupons

 Mainframe CICS Developer Training By Anil Polsani

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Mainframe CICS Developer Training By Anil Polsani 

Hello All,

This Training Course on CICS is set to make you understand all required concepts on Mainframe CICS, The Course will start with design of the BMS Map and understand how to code a COBOL-CICS Program to communicate with CICS Screen. Then the concept will move to Data communication.

All concepts are covered in Theory and IN practical's as well.

In this Training we will be Looking into:

                                                Mainframe CICS

                              Customer Information and Control System

Course Content-

1. Introduction to online & CICS

2. Screen communication Concepts

       a. Design BMS (Basic Mapping Support) Screen

       b. How to Compile 1. Physical 2. Symbolic Maps

       c. How to Setup and Execute the Mapset

3. How to code COBOL-CICS Program

4. Translation-Compile, Setup of PPT and PCT entries & execute the transaction

5. LINK-XCTL; Screen Navigation

6. Data communication

         a. DB2 - How to code COBOL-CICS-DB2 Program

         b. VSAM – How to code COBOL-CICS-KSDS Program

         c. QUEUE – How to Code COBOL-CICS-TSQ and TDQ Program

7. CICS Error Handling

           a. Response Code

           b. Handle condition

You can Also check my Website Link Below to Access more PPT's of Mainframe Module Knowledge. I Provide Online Training and Also Work Support If needed.

Full Course Training Details:

Full Course Hi-lights:

1. Modules Covering: COBOL–JCL–DB2–CICS (little bit of VSAM)

2. Total of 55 Sessions Daily 1 hour, Mon – Sat. Approx. 2 months

3. Concept will be covered in theory & Practical's

4. 2 months Mainframe access will be provided for Practice

5. Required Notes , Practice Programs will be shared

6. Sessions will be Recorded and shared after the class

7. Free Interview Sessions on COBOL-JCL-DB2-Real time Tools

8. Use my website link from description to see Course content

Offline Project Work-Support Will be given if required.

Youtube Channel Search: Mainframe Online Training BY Anil Polsani

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner's and Expert who want to re-fresh and get deeper knowledge on CICS

IT & Software,IT & Software Other,Mainfsrm,Udemy coupons,udemy sales,

Get the course 

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