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Do you love the outdoors, landscape, nature, and travel photography? If so, you are in the right place.  
Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography.   

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Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography

In this course jam packed with p[hotography tips, you will learn the key ingredients to creating amazing landscape and nature photos. You will learn about  the gear best suited for landscape photography, how to obtain a perfect exposure, how to develop your ‘Eye’ to see striking compositions, and how to ‘see’ the light.   
Join me as I share 35 years of landscape photography experience from across America. We’ll look at how to photograph mountains, rivers, the desert, sunsets and sunrises, forests, all four seasons, and much, much more.     
In this course you will learn:   
  • Everything you need to know regarding photography equipment for landscape photography   
  • How to master exposure settings
  • How to creatively use Depth of Field
  • Visual strategies for stunning compositions
  • Finding the best light for a subject
  • How to make the image ‘pop’ with processing     
  • And effective assignments for you to practice and expand your learning
Why learn from me?   
I will share the same techniques I used to create landscape photographs that have appeared in over 500 calendars, hundreds of magazines, advertisements, web uses, books, and more. I have photographed in every state in the lower 48 of the U.S. and will demonstrate the necessary techniques to create stunning photographs. I will show you how I created quality photography that resulted in being published in National Geographic, Outside, Sports Illustrated, Backpacker, Snow Country, Outdoor Photographer, and many more.    
Wait, there’s more…..   
Also included, are multiple lectures all captured while photographing in the wild. They are called Field Trips and are designed to demonstrate important techniques included in the course lectures. I’ll take you with me as I explore and employ a variety of approaches for creating beautiful photographs while in the field.    
There are Bonus lectures as well.   
Having travelled the entire U.S. photographing, I certainly have my share of favorite places and that is what these bonus lectures are all about. I will show you not only the photographs I captured, but where to find those locations and in many cases, include the directions to get there and/or GPS coordinates. In some cases, other information is included such as when to go, the best time of day, and even technical details will be included.    
Are you ready to create stunning nature photography?    
Then join me in this online adventure and in no time, you will gain a better understanding of how to create great landscape photographs.   
The mission of this course is to stop letting the camera control you by providing you the knowledge that shows you how to take control of the camera.   
Are you ready to discover simple and easy-to-follow strategies for creating beautiful photographs that I have used for 30 years in my professional business? 
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Who’s the Instructor?
There are many courses on how to be an amazing photographer, but how many are taught by true professionals who have a career and worked as a photographer?
I was formally trained at Brooks Institute in the 1980’s and have worked every day since. I have been published in countless magazines (you’ve no doubt heard of), calendars, outdoor product manufacturers, and had my outdoor images used thousands of times. I have taught photo workshops across the USA and Middle East. Founded two stock photo agencies, and sold thousands of stock photos. 
I have taught over 30,000 photography enthusiasts including photo workshops across the USA and Middle East. Founded two stock photo agencies, and sold thousands of stock photos.
I love to teach and want to insure you succeed and love photography like I do. You can trust me to teach you photography!
Read what they are saying:
I've taken a number of Borland's classes, so when I saw he was offering a class in Landscape and Nature Photography, I signed up. His classes are always very clear and concise. He has a knack for making complex topics understandable. And all his classes always are full of his beautiful pictures. This class is no exception. It is packed with critical information that is crucial for the beginning photographer to understand but also an important review for the more experienced and knowledgeable photographer. This is a class that every photographer starting out should take.......
Fran Gallogly...5 stars
Charlie is always a 5 stars!
Dick Ryerson....5 stars
Charlie is a good instructor.
Todd Reeb....5 stars
Who this course is for:
  • Beginning photographers who want to improve their skills for better nature and landscape photographs.
  • People with any type of camera, planning a nature field trip they want to photograph.
  • Even those with point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones will benefit from this course.

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