Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022..54% off IT & Software course

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Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022..54% off IT & Software course

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IT & Software
Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022

Welcome to it comprehensive Ethical Hacking course...!
This direction assumes thou have formerly Networking knowledge. This course is sensible however it won't forget about the theory. You'll research the whole lot Practically by way of exploiting everything certain namely Network Infrastructure Devices (Switch & Router) yet Client (Windows 10) and ye desire under no circumstances waste you day theoretical lectures

This direction is furcate among 4 primary sections

1- MITRE Frameworks

In it Section, thou pleasure Learn MITRE Frameworks Such as :
MITRE ATT&CK Framework then how many it virtually workshop yet or in conformity with makes use of MITRE ATT&CK Navigator.
You pleasure examine DETT&CT Framework because of Blue Teams yet Investigators and or after makes use of it
you will examine Threat Hunting Methodology (TaHiTI) for Threat Hunting, or or that workshop or preface according to MaGMa Use Case (UCS) Framework.

and I choice announce MITRE Cyber Analytics Repository (CAR) Framework, MITRE D3FEND Framework, MITRE ENGENUITY Framework, MITRE Engage Framework, yet MITRE RE&CT Framework.

2- Open-source talent (OSINT)

This Section is best because of Ethical Hackers, Investigators or Researchers

You choice examine Search Engines, Dark Web For OSINT

You pleasure learn Search Engine Clustering

You choice Learn Whois or Reverse Whois

You wish learn Spiderfoot because of Website Analysis.

You intention analyze DNS Records or DNS Analysis Tools

You choice examine Wireless OSINT

You desire examine Email OSINT with Tools such namely Recon-ng yet Websites

You will learn People OSINT

You choice learn Idea OSINT Techniques such so Reverse conceit Search

You will study OCR Technology because of Image OSINT

You will examine Sock Puppet because Social Networks

You choice research Social Networks OSINT certain namely Twitter then Facebook

You wish examine Maltego yet whether it works.

You will learn Maltego Basics

You pleasure examine Website evaluation including Maltego

You pleasure examine Footprint Machine Levels along maltego

You wish study documentation and confer report template

3- Network Penetration Testing

in This section, You intention analyze Layer 2 Attacks such as like :

CDP/LLDP Recon or CDP Flooding

CAM Table Overflow Attack

ARP Spoofing Attack

Vlan Hopping Attack (Switch Spoofing)

Vlan Hopping Attack (Double Tagging)

Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) Attack

You will analyze Layer 3 Attacks such as like :

Cisco Password Decryption Attacks (Type 5 & Type 7)

DHCP Starvation Attack

FHRP Protocol Attacks (HSRP Attack)

You wish examine Monitoring Attacks certain namely :

Log Spoofing Attack

Log DDoS Attack

you desire research DNS Attacks such as like :

DNS Spoofing Attack

DNS Amplification Attack

Firewall Pentesting Steps

4- Client Penetration Testing

You desire examine Metasploit Framework Components

You will learn Server-Side Exploitation using Metasploit

You will learn Client-Side Exploitation the use of Metasploit

You intention study Privilege Escalation the use of Bypass User Access Control (UAC)

You desire study Post-Exploitation Attacks such as Remote Sniffing

You will examine Post-Exploitation Attacks certain as Host-Based DNS Poisoning

All the techniques between that comprehensive course are highly practical then at the stop about this course, predicted thou after come to be an specialist into Ethical Hacking

Notes :
This route is tooled for instructional purposes only. whole the attacks are launched within my personal lab. This direction is a product regarding Hamed Mehdi yet no vile business enterprise is related including it or a certification examination however you intention obtain a Course Completion Certification out of Udemy

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