DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions (DBA)..88% off IT & Software course

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DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions (DBA)..88% off IT & Software course

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IT & Software
DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions (DBA)

This path covers the content material required because the DP-300 certification exam, contemporary as through the DP-300 examination replace about 4 August 2022, or the infant changes so about 25 October 2022.

What work human beings like you speech as regards that course?

Erik says: "Phillip has made an amazing assignment together with it course, such covers entire concerning the abilities required in conformity with skip DP-300 examination and a little more. I had partial difficulties with incomplete concerning the matters about the examination and it complete course then videos committed a tussock concerning to them greater clear. The path is a must because humans looking after ignore the exam, the check tests make stronger the talents gained but concerning route work not consist of authentic examination questions."

Steven says: "Great direction at showing the content material examined within the DP-300 course. The work checks and quizzes had been now not at whole comparable in accordance with the proper DP-300 exam, but via adoption that course (and making use of the potential gained) I was once capable to get my certification about the first try."

Pardeep says: "Must say i did not anticipate according to in imitation of grant certain stark Azure flavor beside DBA standpoint....most regarding the publications about Udemy slave bear azure guides however that are beside rule admin standpoint(with dba section introduced here n there)....this course is well crafted then close regarding nuances are explained clearly....also, there is a pdf among assets who has the notes & its some thing in imitation of keep on after for quick allusion for future...Thank thou a lot because the course!!!"

This direction teaches the necessities because the Microsoft Certificate DP-300 "Administering Relational Databases about Microsoft Azure", or focuses about administrating Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, then SQL Server of Azure Virtual Machines. We listen because nearly over the course on Azure SQL Databases, then afterwards appear at the additional functionality because Managed Instances then SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

In the forward portion concerning it course we desire lie concentrating about the Azure SQL Database. We'll begin off together with getting a free examination about Azure, putting in SQL Server Management Studio, or briefly reviewing the 6 major clauses regarding the SELECT statement. We will since seem to be at or after optimize question performance or evaluate overall performance improvements.

We wish below seem to be at the a range of Data Platform Resources then whether those compare. Following this, we will have a extreme fly within configuring Azure SQL Database resources for distance or performance, which include serverless yet provisioned, vCore or DTU, and database partitioning techniques. We pleasure then consider strategies because migrating to Azure.

Then we appear at or in imitation of implement a proof surroundings for you Azure SQL Database. We pleasure seem to be at or to configure database authentication then endorsement with the aid of the use of platform yet database tools; or according to Implement security because of information at relaxation or between transit; yet how in accordance with enforce assent controls for touchy data.

After this, we pleasure look at how Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources. This includes Monitoring recreation yet performance, implementing performance-related upkeep tasks, and identifying performance-related issues.

Lastly because of Azure SQL Database, we intention seem at how much according to Automate duties yet Perform backup yet fix a database by way of using database tools, Recommend an HADR approach for a statistics flooring solution, and greater about Performing Administration with the aid of Using T-SQL.

In the 2nd piece of the course, we intention flip according to Virtual Machines or Managed Instances yet those purposes as are not handy in Azure SQL Database. We choice begin by using configuring to them or get entry to them, either into SSMS then the usage of a Remote Desktop Connection. Then we’ll seem to be at techniques because of configuring database authentication, yet filegroups.

We’ll Evaluate then put into effect an discreet yet notification strategy, Identify performance-related troubles using tools we couldn’t usage between Azure SQL Database, then Create scheduled tasks. Finally, we’ll Perform backup then restoration a database among Virtual Machines by using database tools, and Recommend, test then configure High Availability and Disaster Recovery strategies.

Some earlier competencies is required, however no longer much. You’ll need to understand how many after usage the Select statement; or it would keep helpful, however not essential, salvo thou had a little historical past into Microsoft Azure.

Some prior advantage on SQL Server is required. Specifically, ye want in imitation of know:

How according to beget a SELECT statement,

How according to gender views yet saved procedures,

How in imitation of propagate backups and restoration a database.

This content is accessible among "98-364: Database Fundamentals", as is posted on Udemy.

Additionally, prior knowledge of Azure, such so to that amount proven among Microsoft's DP-900 examination is helpful, however is now not required.

Once thou have complete it course, ye desire hold a excellent knowledge concerning or in conformity with control Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, yet SQL Server about Azure Virtual Machines. And along incomplete practice, ye could also suffice because the legit Microsoft certification DP-300 - wouldn't to that amount look honest regarding your CV or resume? And salvo thou are an America college student, thou would possibly too be brought college credit score because of passing so much exam.

I hope according to confer you among the direction - why now not hold a look at what thou ought to learn? 

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