AZ-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services |Microsoft AZ-801 course with certificate Discount72% off


AZ-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services |Microsoft AZ-801 course  with certificate Discount 72%off

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AZ-801 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services |Microsoft AZ-801 course  with certificate Discount72% off

We surely desire you will agree, that training is path extra than the common course concerning Udemy!

Have get admission to to the following:

Training out of an trainer of upon 20 years whosoever has trained heaps concerning humans and additionally a Microsoft Certified Trainer

Lecture to that amount explains the concepts among an effortless according to learn technique because of any individual that is simply beginning oversea with this material

Instructor received palms regarding yet simulations in conformity with act up to expectation execute be observed even postulate ye have younger in accordance with no experience



Welcome to the course

Understanding the Microsoft Environment

Having a Solid Foundation of Active Directory Domains

Having a Solid Foundation regarding RAS, DMZ, and Virtualization

Having a Solid Foundation over the Microsoft Cloud Services

IMPORTANT Using Assignments within the course

Setting on because arms on

This is a observe on beyond the AZ-800

Introduction after practising hands on

Downloading Windows Server 2022 ISO

Getting Hyper-V Installed concerning Windows

Creating a Virtual Switch within Hyper-V

Installing a Windows Server 2022 Virtual Machine

Installing a second Windows Server 2022 Virtual Machine

Downloading the Windows eleven ISO

Installing a Windows 11 virtual machine

Deploy then control domain controllers on-premises

Joining a server according to a domain

Joining Windows eleven in conformity with a domain

Creating a test Microsoft 365/Azure Account

Adding a protractor in conformity with thine Azure account

Connect you On-Premise ADDS Domain to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect

Secure Windows Server running system

Configure yet control take advantage of protection

Configure and control Windows Defender Application Control

Activating a free trial because Windows Defender because of Endpoint

Configure or superintend Windows Defender because of Endpoint

Configure or rule Windows Defender Credential Guard

Configure SmartScreen

Implement running regulation security with the aid of the usage of Group Policies

Secure a hybrid Active Directory (AD) infrastructure

Configure password policies

Enable password barrier lists

Manage Immune users

Manage score protection over a Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)

Harden domain controllers

Configure authentication insurance policies silos

Restrict get entry to in conformity with area controllers

Configure account security

Manage AD built-in ministerial groups

Manage AD delegation

Implement then rule Microsoft Defender because of Identity

Identify or remediate Windows Server security problems through the use of Azure services

Monitor on-premises servers & Azure IaaS VMs by using the use of Microsoft Sentinel

Identify & remediate security troubles on-premises servers & VMs by way of using Defender because of Cloud

Secure Windows Server networking

Manage Windows Defender Firewall

Implement area isolation yet coalition safety rules

Secure Windows Server storage

Manage Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker)

Manage yet cite encrypted volumes

Enable tankage encryption via the use of Azure Disk Encryption

Manage garland encryption keys because of IaaS virtual machines

Implement a Windows Server failover cluster

Implement a failover bunch on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-only

Configure tankage for failover clustering

Create a Windows failover cluster

Stretch lot across datacenter then Azure regions

Modify quorum options

Configure community adapters because of failover clustering

Configure fascicle workload options

Configure bunch sets

Configure Scale-Out File Server

Create an Azure witness

Visualizing floating IP address or burden pattern because failover clusters

Manage failover clustering

Implement cluster-aware updating for putting in updates on node

Recover a failed tussock node yet failover workloads in nodes

Upgrade a node after Windows Server 2022

Manage failover clusters the use of Windows Admin Center

Implement then control Storage Spaces Direct

Create or configure storage spaces

Understanding storage spaces direct

Manage backup or recovery because Windows Server

Back above then repair archives and folders in conformity with Azure Recovery Services vault

Install and rule Azure Backup Server

Back above then quote the use of Azure Backup Server

Manage backups in Azure Recovery Services vault

Create a backup policy

Configure backup because Azure Virtual Machines using the built-in backup agent

Recover a VM the use of temporary snapshots

Recover VMs after modern Azure Virtual Machines

Restore a VM

Implement catastrophe removal through the usage of Azure Site Recovery

Understanding Azure Site Recovery

Configure Azure Site Recovery networking

Understanding removal plans

Cleaning up in imitation of keep Azure credit

Configure Site Recovery for Azure Virtual Machines yet about indicate VMs

Implement VM counterpart according to less datacenter and Azure region

Configure Azure Site Recovery policies

Protect virtual machines by the usage of Hyper-V replicas

Configuring you Hyper-V forces along nested virtualization in conformity with help replication

Configure and rule Hyper-V replica's

Migrate on-premises storage in accordance with on-premises servers or Azure

Transfer yet Migrate information in accordance with Azure file shares

Cut upstairs after a modern server via the use of Storage Migration Service (SMS)

Basics about the usage of Storage Migration Service according to migrate to Azure VMs

Migrate on-premises servers after Azure

Overview about Azure Migration

Configure an Azure Migration Project

Installing an Azure Migration equipment virtual machine

Perform an Azure Migration discovery using a Migration appliance

Creating an assessment the usage of Azure Migration

Removing AD out of a DC into method in accordance with operate migration

Migrate through the use of Azure Migrate

Migrate workloads out of preceding versions after Windows Server 2022, IIS workloads, & AD DS

Understanding migration concerning IIS, Hyper-V, RDS, DHCP, then stamp services

Installing the Windows Server Migration tool

Overview about App Service Plans

Migrate IIS workloads in conformity with Azure Web Apps

Overview of Azure Containers

Migrate IIS workloads to containers

Migrate AD DS objects using Active Directory Migration Tool

Monitor Windows Server with the aid of the usage of Windows Server tools and Azure services

Monitor Windows Server by using the use of Performance Monitor

Create yet configure Data Collector Sets

Monitor servers through the use of Windows Admin Center

Monitor through the usage of System Insights

Manage event logs

Deploy Log Analytics agents

Collect performance counters after Azure

Create alerts

Monitor Azure Virtual Machines with the aid of using Azure diagnostics extension

Monitor Azure Virtual Machines performance by means of using VM insights

Troubleshoot Windows Server on-premises and hybrid networking

Troubleshoot hybrid community connectivity

Troubleshoot on-premises connectivity along Azure

Troubleshoot Windows Server digital machines within Azure

Troubleshoot wideness failures

Troubleshoot booting failures

Troubleshoot VM overall performance issues

Troubleshoot VM expansion issues

Troubleshoot bunch encryption issues

Troubleshoot storage

Troubleshoot VM ligature issues

Troubleshoot Active Directory

Restore objects beyond AD recycle bin

Recover Active Directory database the usage of Directory Services Restore Mode

Recover SYSVO

Troubleshoot Active Directory replication

Troubleshoot hybrid authentication issues

Troubleshoot on-premises Active Directory

Finishing Up

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Who this course is for:
IT people interested in instruction yet opposite shore the Microsoft AZ-801 exam!
IT humans interested among education a considerable total about Windows Server, Microsoft 365 and Azure Services!


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