How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS | FREE Web Development Vue JS course


How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS | FREE Web Development Vue JS course

Learn Building Scalable Front End Applications, Schema-Driven Design, Dynamic Layout From Back End Schema, JavaScript

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How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS | FREE  Web Development Vue JS course

Scalable Front End is the only course dedicated to teach you the skills needed to build dynamic, scalable apps, so take your front end programming to the next level. Learn how to leverage schema-driven design, how to manipulate UI components using back end JSON schema, and how to master design patterns such as the multi-service/multi-template design pattern. And that's only the start! Scalable Front End will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to improve your software development cycle in large corporations. Begin your trip right now!

Learn the foundations, dig into Vue JS framework code, and gain hands-on experience with a demanding schema-driven design project. With this course, you'll have all the abilities you need to create strong and dynamic apps and advance your career.

Scalable Front End allows you to easily and fast improve your front-end abilities! Learn all of the strong ideas and approaches for creating complex web apps without the need for any specific framework. With this course, you'll be able to use the same techniques for React JS, Angular JS, or whatever your next project requires. Join us to get the most out of your front-end development!

This course is designed to assist front-end developers and engineers upgrade their abilities and construct full dynamic scalable apps. The course begins with a theoretical description of the software development cycle before diving into coding in the Vue JS framework by developing a complex schema-driven design project named "Film-Centre" to demonstrate the various stages of the software development cycle.

and potent methodologies for developing scalable front-end apps. We will evaluate complicated layouts and features and translate them into JSON schema before statically implementing the UI. We will next utilise the JSON server's fast API endpoint to return our JSON schema and construct our application using various sophisticated methods.

Who is this course intended for?

- Any front end developer (vue, react, angular) interested in learning how to construct sophisticated, scalable front end apps.

- Any back end developer who wants to be one step ahead of the competition by understanding the secret of UI element synchronisation from the back end.

- Anyone interested in learning what a firm expects from a senior front-end developer.

- Anyone working on large and complicated projects who wants to learn the secret to creating flexible, scalable, and maintainable programmes.

Which technology and framework are employed?

- Vue JS

- Visualize

- JScript

- Sass

What design pattern are we employing?

- Mr. Singleton

- Manufacturing facility

- Design Based on Schemas

- Design with a Single Component

What exactly is schema-driven design?
It is a new current technique in software development that gives layouts control and flexibility.

Is schema-driven design appropriate for XML schema?

They are not entirely relevant, but they do have some commonalities.

Sections and Lectures to Come:

Section 6: Developing an effective object-oriented API client library

- Lecture 3: Using the factory approach to improve the API client

Section 7: Dynamic Layout Injection Using Schema-Driven

- Lecture 1: Schema-Driven HomeView Component Creation

- Lecture 2: Header and Footer Creation Using Schema

- Lecture 3: Schema-Driven Film Creation

View the elements

- Lecture 4: Schema-Driven FilmView Component Creation

- Lecture 5: Quickly creating UsersView using service-based and template-based design patterns

Section 8: Final Thoughts

- Lecture 1: Finale
This course is open to anybody with experience of front-end, back-end, or any software developer who wants to learn how to design scalable apps.
Front end developer with intermediate experience eager to improve their abilities
Back end developer interested in learning how to apply UI schema design
Experienced Front-end developer seeking to create more complicated and scalable solutions
JavaScript Learners who want to learn about a more advanced topic
Developers of Vue Js who are interested in advanced component building techniques

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