Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Certificate


Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Certificate

In this six week programme, you will learn how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies can be used by your organisation to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Certificate

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Certificate Coursera course

Blockchain technology is being hailed as the solution to all of the world's problems. It has also been suggested that it is just a wonderful Excel spreadsheet, and even vilified as a complete scam. The fact is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial systems enable the management and integration of more than $1.3 trillion in assets and more than $10 trillion in annual business volume in 2020. In the future, blockchain technology can radically change business operations , industry, and governance. play in our world. Based on the expertise of Oxford experts and industry leaders, the Oxford Blockchain Strategy program provides an understanding of this revolutionary technology, covering cryptocurrencies and the various types of blockchain protocols and networks. Attendees will not only explore what blockchain is, how it works, and its applications - from digital assets to intergalactic communications - but they will also learn methods and techniques for developing and deploying business models built around this new technology. The Oxford Blockchain Strategy program will give you a career boost by allowing you to take advantage of the many open blockchain opportunities. This program combines a variety of perspectives - including economics, social, political, and environmental - to help participants integrate blockchain technology into business strategies in a way that -sustainable and inclusive.

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