Phoenix 1.7 LiveView Fundamentals! | FREE Phoenix Framework COURSE


Phoenix 1.7 LiveView Fundamentals! | FREE  Phoenix  Framework COURSE

Learn Phoenix 1.7 LiveView and Elixir Today!

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Phoenix 1.7 LiveView Fundamentals

Learn how to build Phoenix 1.7 LiveView applications with this Phoenix 1.7 LiveView crash course. In this course, we will create a very simple and minimalist application to clarify all the points. We'll also take a hands-on approach to building our apps, which will help retain the concepts we've learned and allow us to feel and experience everything the Phoenix framework has to offer. We'll also look at how they connect so that by the end of the course you'll have a solid understanding of the LiveView application plugin you'll build in this course, demonstrating a variety of features including but not limited to using templates, directives, and templates in Phoenix LiveView, Elixir and more. After completing this course, you'll have a solid foundation to move on to building more complex applications with the Phoenix LiveView framework, while continuing your web development journey and functionality with Phoenix and Elixir. Phoenix and Elixir are some of the fastest growing and most profitable technologies you can learn, used by big companies like Spotify, Whatsapp, Discord and more. Glad to have you on your Phoenix LiveView journey, let's get started! Who Should Take This Course: Beginners with Python, Javascript, or related experience who want to learn newer, faster ways to quickly build web applications.

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