Web3 / Blockchain Project Manager Certification Course | free Project Management course


Web3 / Blockchain Project Manager Certification Course | free Project Management course

Become a Blockchain Project / Product Manager and rise in the Web3 World with the hottest Job Role right now !

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Web3 / Blockchain Project Manager Certification Course | free Project Management course

Free Project Management course

Web3 is booming. Everyone is discussing Blockchain, NFTs and DeFi, and investments and positions in Web3 saw more than a 400% increase in 2021 - 2022.,,Keeping up with all my knowledgeable pals making an entrance into Web3 has caused me to think about this question. The Project Manager / Product Manager job is already so strange and varied—how does the Web3 way of performing change the position further?
 Is it entertaining to be a PM in Web3? Are PMs even required?,,,,At this moment, there are numerous possibilities to make a big difference and progress your occupation by changing over into Web3 as a Project Manager. But it can be an imperceptible procedure and a hazardous decision. So let's prepare you for this thrilling engagement in Web3, in this course.,,,,A common misunderstanding is that you must be extremely technical so as to get work in Web3. But that isn't valid for a PM.,,In this course, we will talk Inside-And out about the part of a PM in Web3 - What, Why and How. And if the inquiry is When?, then the Answer is Now! 
There has never been a preferable time over now to exhibit your PM abilities given that the interest keeps on being high yet with very few talented people.

The most important reasons to apply for a PM job in Web3/Blockchain: 
You are building the next generation of the Internet 
You will feel great in this new space. You have a chance to put your mark on it 
Your job is different! Expect to manage aspects of products, partnerships, growth hacking, community management and even meme creation! 
Learning and development are offered, every step of the way 
It's fun and exciting 
Learn new terms, jargons and frameworks including token pricing, airdrops, price floors, etc. 
Get ready to start over. Web3 is very different and you will need to learn some new and exciting skills.
Key reasons to choose this course: 
This course is designed with students from all backgrounds in mind - so we cover everything from the basics, then slowly move on to different topics. This lesson can be completed in a weekend.
All doubts will be answered. An amazing collection of resources that will be updated regularly. New announcements will be made for every new Web3 product launch so you'll always be up to date on what's happening in the Web3 World! 
A certificate of completion is issued to all students taking the Web3 Project Management Certificate. Who should attend: 
Those who currently work in various fields such as IT, health, finance, etc. 
Students study or pursue a course or degree in project management 
Professionals looking to move into high-paying jobs at Web3 
Students are eager to learn more about Web3 and PM projects and Blockchain


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