Adobe Illustrator 2022 - Beginners Edition | Design Graphic Adobe Illustrator FREE COURSE


Adobe Illustrator 2022 - Beginners Edition | Design Graphic  Adobe Illustrator FREE COURSE 

This course will learn you how to create shapes using Adobe Illustrator 2022.

Adobe Illustrator 2022 - Beginners Edition | Design Graphic  Adobe Illustrator FREE COURSE 

Main features:

- Certified English Teacher

- Supports Mac and Windows users

・ Total playback time: about 50 minutes

- On-screen keyboard

- On-screen time display

- spotlight view

- Additional short key map documentation

- additional file organization documentation

What will you learn in this course?

This course covers creating shapes, applying effects, using (shape) masks, coloring objects, and using advanced tools in Illustrator. In addition to this, you will also receive useful documents such as short keycards and tasks at the end. This assignment requires you to reproduce all the shapes shown in this course. A hotkey map is also displayed. With this hotkey map, you can easily get an overview of all the hotkeys you need to be more productive. What makes this course different from other courses?

This course is designed to be as effective as possible. Time is money, they say. As such, the course is designed to fit into an hour by cutting out all the unnecessary stuff like load times and unnecessarily long dialogue. Next to it is an on-screen time indicator that shows the length of the current topic. This small addition scientifically increases motivation and engagement to keep learning. An on-screen keyboard compatible with Mac and Windows users appears whenever you use a hotkey.

Who am I?

My name is Joel Rovers. Certified video editor and content he creator. Over the years, he has worked for several companies including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal He Planet, and HGTV. I have learned a lot in this area of ​​knowledge and would love to share this knowledge with more people. learned how to Feel free to join one of my courses :-)

This course is intended for:

New to Adobe Illustrator

Those who are new to illustrator and interested in how to create shapes and how to use effects

Beginners who are curious about how to make shapes

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