Automated Content Production | BEST AI Text Content Generation COURSE


Automated Content Production | BEST AI Text Content Generation COURSE 

Automated News Content Production Using Natural Language Generation

 Automatic news content generation using natural language generation for non-techies, managers, executives, freshmen and beginners. 
 Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a technology that transforms data into clear, human-sounding stories - for all industries and applications. 
 Leading news publishers, content producers, healthcare companies, financial institutions, sports companies, energy companies, oil companies, entertainment companies and many other industries are already using natural language generation to increase  SPEED, SCALE and TIME to create content and reports. 
 The Associated Press (AP) once managed to produce 300 financial reports per quarter, leaving thousands of potential corporate earnings reports unwritten. 
 Today, AP uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to produce more than 5,000 quarterly summaries, freeing up 20% of editors' time  previously spent  writing summaries. This is almost 15 times the manual effort. 
 Yahoo! Sports uses NLG technology to generate over 70 million match highlights and reports, each one  unique. 
 This increased the time spent on the page by the website visitors, which made them happy and gave a huge user base. 
 Do you want to transform your knowledge into clear natural language? Tired of writing reports by hand? Or manually multiply large amounts of data? Or are you wondering what the future of artificial intelligence (AI) holds for you as a content creator, writer, leader, manager,  researcher? Then this course is for you. 
 This course is part of a larger 3-part advanced  course titled "Automated Content Generation and News Algorithms". It consists of 3 modules and 23 learning videos including a story and practice questions. 
 This part of the course covers; 
  Overview of Automated Content Production (ACP) and its techniques, particularly as they relate to information delivery, from a journalistic perspective. 
 How big data is used in automated content generation and the role of natural language generation. 
 How automated journalism works and the companies  currently offering the best natural language generation software to facilitate automated journalism. 
 leading news publishers using Automatic Content Generation (ACP) to create news with minimal human input and create personalized content and drive engagement. 
 The value that automated content production (ACP) brings to journalism, its potential  and  limitations, ensuring that humans also play a large role in the process. 
 A step-by-step guide on how to use Arria Studio Natural Language Generation  to automatically narrate data or tell stories from a datasheet. 
 How Algorithms Facilitate News Distribution and Massively Increase News Consumption. 
 How news publishers can use the power of algorithms to keep their readers  coming back. News outlets are already doing this. 
 Classifying algorithms based on the decisions they help us make 
 The roles of algorithms  in determining what we see and what we don't. How algorithms work as an information gate. 
 Content Optimization and Audience Analysis 
 How news publishers optimize innovation using various tools that facilitate  content creation. 
 Content Optimization, Sentiment Analysis and Content Distribution Using Election as a Case Study. 
 You receive 23  learning content videos with explanations and practical questions. 
 In addition to the video material, the videos have subtitles and practice questions to help guide and reinforce your learning. 
 Who this course is for: 
 Beginners and Beginners


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