Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners | Cyber Security free course


Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners | Cyber Security free course 

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Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners | Cyber Security free course 

The purpose of this course is to first answer the question, "Is cybersecurity right for me?" at no cost. Second, the course provides enough basic knowledge to jump on the airwaves and start learning the course without going through any introductory lectures or materials. If you want to learn cyber, you don't have to pay for non-cyber content. When you join the class, you will receive a link to join my girlfriend's Discord server and a Zoom link for the free weekly masterclasses and her QandA sessions.
If you understand how networks and the internet work and how software interacts with hardware, you can skip to the cybersecurity section. The course is designed to give you not just knowledge but a deep intuitive understanding in one lesson, so the next topic doesn't require brain power to recall the content of the previous lesson.
Let's start with the basics of how computers work. H. How software and hardware interact. How the software works at a deep level, what the code is and what the code does.
Then we move on to networks where you learn what networks are and how the internet works. How the web application works, what happens when you visit her website on Google. Now that you've learned the hardest part (networking), you can move on to what brought you here. Skip about 30% of the boring introductory cybersecurity material commonly taught so that you really understand what cybersecurity is and what the experts do.
It's very difficult to get hands-on practice in an introductory course like this, but I've tried my best to let you see and interact with yourself using your mouse and keyboard while teaching something. . concept.
This course is intended for:
People who are interested in cybersecurity but are not sure if it is right for them. This course is useful for both non-technical and tech-savvy people (skip to Cyber-him part). How Complicated? How to Start The perfect course for those who want to get their feet wet without opening a wallet.

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