Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python | FREE Data Analysis Python COURSE


Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python | FREE Data Analysis Python COURSE 

Knowledge of SQL (or Structured Query Language) is necessary for information professionals such as data scientists, data analysts, and information designers. Much of the world's information is in databases. SQL is a powerful language used to interact with databases and retrieve data.
In this course, you'll learn SQL in depth, from the basics of SELECT statements to advanced concepts like JOINs.
You do the following.
- write basic SQL statements such as: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
-use WHERE, COUNT, DISTINCT, and LIMIT clauses to filter result sets
- distinguish between DML and DDL
-CREATE, MODIFY, DROP and load tables
-Use strings and ranges; SORT and GROUP result sets and built-in database functions
- create subqueries and query data from multiple tables
- access databases as a data scientist using Jupyter notebooks with SQL and Python
- Work with advanced concepts such as stored procedures, views, ACID transactions, inner and outer joins
In hands-on labs and projects, you'll practice building SQL queries, work with real databases in the cloud, and use real data tools. In the final assignment, you will analyze several real data sets to demonstrate your skills.

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