Google Keyword Planner Masterclass - keyword research 101 | FREE SEO Keyword Research COURSE


Google Keyword Planner Masterclass - keyword research 101 | FREE  SEO  Keyword Research COURSE 

SEO training for keyword research using the 100% Free Google Keyword Planner tool!

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Google Keyword Planner Masterclass - keyword research 101 | FREE  SEO  Keyword Research COURSE 

If you are new to search engine marketing, know that keyword research is probably one of the most important steps in optimizing your website to perform better in the SERPs. 
 Keyword research is a basic SEO task  that involves identifying popular words or phrases related to your business or industry  to determine which ranking to choose. Many businesses start by creating a list of keywords  relevant to their business, but once you have that list, you need to start evaluating which keywords  work best for  individual campaigns and pages on your website. 
 Keywords helps you better understand the demand for individual keywords and how difficult it would be to compete for those terms in free and paid search results. Understanding your competition will  help you adjust your strategies and optimization efforts to rank higher in the SERPs. 
 Proper keyword research should show you the different ways searchers can use language to find products or information on SERPs. It can also help you find new content ideas, learn more about your audience, and keep you up-to-date on industry jargon. 
 By doing proper keyword research, you could eventually create targeted content that will help drive traffic and results directly to your website. Although there are several keyword research tools available when using Google Ads, Keyword Planner is a great way to start your research and launch new campaigns. 
 What is Google Keyword Planner? 
 Google Keyword Planner is designed to help you find keywords for your Search Network campaigns. It's a handy free tool that lets you find keywords relevant to your business and see the estimated number of monthly searches and the cost to target them. 
 Google Ads Keyword Planner is used to: 
 find new search keywords 
 see monthly search numbers for keywords 
  determine costs 
 create new search advertising campaigns 
 who this course is for: 
 beginner digital marketers 
 aspiring network marketers. 
 marketing professionals

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