Learning Tree Data structure [Java] | Free Software Engineering Data Structures course

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Learning Tree Data structure [Java] | Free   Software Engineering Data Structures course

Breadth First Search and Depth First Search in Trees

Learning Tree Data structure [Java] | Free   Software Engineering Data Structures course

 Course Description: 
 This course will teach you how to solve tree data structure problems. Concepts are first explained on a whiteboard, then the solution is coded for better understanding. 
 When looking at a tree data structure, the first thing you need to do is  use either a breadth-first search or a depth-first search. This course distinguishes between breadth-first and depth-first search problems and the different techniques used in each. 
 Depth-first search uses recursion. Recursion is very hard to imagine. This course uses the debugger to visualize code flow. 
 What is a tree data structure? A 
  tree is  a non-linear, hierarchical data structure consisting of a collection of nodes such that each node in the tree contains a list of values ​​and references to other child nodes. 
 Applications: Stores 
  hierarchical data such as folder structures, organizational structures, and XML/HTML data. 
 Binary Search Tree is a tree that allows fast searching, inserting and deleting of sorted data. You can also find the closest element. The 
 heap is a tree data structure  implemented using arrays and used to implement priority queues. 
 B-trees and B-trees: Used to implement indexes in databases. 
 Syntax Trees: Scans, analyzes and generates code with compiler designs and evaluates arithmetic expressions. 
 Trie : Used to implement a prefix lookup dictionary. 
 Suffix Tree: For fast pattern searching in  fixed text. 
 Spanning trees and shortest path trees are used in routers and bridges, or in computer networks.

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