Manual Software Testing Interview (Q&A for QA) | Free Software Engineering course

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Manual Software Testing Interview (Q&A for QA) 

The first step in the long journey of passing an interview and getting a job as a Software Tester(QA)

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Manual Software Testing Interview (Q&A for QA) | Free Software Engineering course 


Hello to all. The focus of this course is interview preparation for software testers, also known as QAs. This course is about the second part, the technical part, of most interviews, which involves testing your technical knowledge and soft skills. Right away, we want to let you know that this course isn't complete. There are solutions to the top ten queries in this free course. If you pass it, you'll be able to decide whether the training format we're offering is right for you. In the spring, the whole course will be accessible.

The course's primary goal is to increase your understanding of software theory. We did three things in order to make it easier for you to respond to questions in the interview with clarity and assurance, so each response to the question includes: 1. A response from the documentation (standards, certifications, other documents) 2. A response based on research of online articles (we call it "human language") 3. A case study to help you comprehend difficult theoretical ideas We hope you will enjoy the course and feel free to leave reviews or send us the interview questions; we will give them high priority and include them in the course's complete version.

Prepare a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage, then take in the lecture! Who should take this course: beginner level software testers Anyone who wants to begin their journey towards becoming a software tester (QA) software testers with experience who wish to recall the fundamentals of software testing theory Anyone who enjoys reading articles or watching videos about software theory

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