Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms | Software Engineering Coding Interview COURSE COUPON CODE


Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms |  Software Engineering Coding Interview COURSE

Ultimate coding interview bootcamp. Get more job offers, negotiate a raise: Everything you need to get the job you want!

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Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

Software Engineering Coding Interview  UDEMY COURSE COUPON CODE


 No experience with data structures or algorithms required

 Basic knowledge of  programming languages ​​

 No prior computer  knowledge required


 Updated for the 2023 hiring season! Join a live online community of over 900,000 developers, with courses taught by  industry experts who have already worked as senior developers in Silicon Valley and Toronto. Graduates of this course  now work for Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Meta and other leading companies.

 Want to land a job at a big tech company like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Netflix, Amazon, etc., but  are intimidated by the interview process and  coding questions? Do you  get confused every time someone asks you  a question about coding? This course is your answer. Using the strategies, lessons, and exercises in this course, you'll learn how to get offers from a variety of companies.

 Many "self-taught" developers believe that one of their biggest disadvantages  compared to  computer science college graduates is their unfamiliarity with algorithms, data structures, and the infamous big notation. By learning the basics of IT and putting yourself on an equal footing with people with IT degrees, you will greatly improve your interview skills. You will also have access to a private online chat community of thousands of online developers  to help you during the course.

 This is what you will learn in this course:


 1. Big O notation

 2. Data structures:

 * Arrays

 * Hash Tables

 * Singly Linked Lists

 * Doubly Linked Lists

 * Queues

 * Stacks

 * Trees (BST, AVL Trees, Red Black Trees, Binary Heaps)

 * Tries

 * Graphs

 3. Algorithms:

 * Recursion

 * Sorting

 * Searching

 * Tree Traversal

 * Breadth First Search

 * Depth First Search

 * Dynamic Programming

 Non Technical:

 - How to get more interviews

 - What to do during interviews

 - What do do after the interview

 - How to answer interview questions

 - How to handle offers

 - How to negotiate your salary

 - How to get a raise

 Unlike most instructors, I am not a marketer or a salesperson. I am a senior developer and programmer who has worked and managed teams of engineers and have been in these interviews both as an interviewee as well as the interviewer.

 My job as an instructor will be successful if I am able to help you become better at interviewing and land more jobs. This one skill can really change the course of your career and I hope you sign up today to see what it can do for your career!

 Taught by:

 Andrei is the instructor of the highest rated Web Development course on Udemy as well as one of the fastest growing. His graduates have moved on to work for some of the biggest tech companies around the world like Apple, Google, JP Morgan, IBM, etc... He has been working as a senior software developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto for many years, and is now taking all that he has learned, to teach programming skills and to help you discover the amazing career opportunities that being a developer allows in life.

 Having been a self taught programmer, he understands that there is an overwhelming number of online courses, tutorials and books that are overly verbose and inadequate at teaching proper skills. Most people feel paralyzed and don't know where to start when learning a complex subject matter, or even worse, most people don't have $20,000 to spend on a coding bootcamp. Programming skills should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Teaching materials should teach relevant real-life skills  and  should not waste the student's valuable time. After learning important lessons  for Fortune 500 companies and tech startups and even starting his own company, he  now spends 100% of his time  teaching others valuable software development skills to lead them in an industry exciting There are endless possibilities for life and work.

 Andrei assures you that there is no other cycle so complete and explained in such detail. He believes that  to learn anything of value you have to start from the basics and grow from the roots of the tree. Only from here can specific foundation related concepts and skills (codes) be learned. When organized in this way, learning becomes exponential.

 With his background in educational psychology and coding, Andrei's classes will take you through complex topics you never thought  possible.

 See you in the field!

 Who this course is for:

 Any engineer, developer or programmer who wants to improve maintenance skills

 Anyone who wants to improve their whiteboard coding skills

 Anyone who wants to become a better developer

 Anyone person who fails in computer science is a self-taught programmer

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