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Overcoming Dyslexia | Free Health course Offered By yale 

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While science has made extraordinary progress in understanding and illuminating the condition, it rarely reaches those who most need to know and would greatly benefit from it. Dyslexia affects both children and adults and is a worldwide problem. With the Coursera you are about to view, created by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, the Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development, the foremost expert on dyslexia and the most ardent supporter of those who are dyslexic, we hope to change all of this.


The course covers almost all of your questions, starting with what reading is and what dyslexia is, and sharing with you the most recent federal definition of dyslexia for the twenty-first century. You will soon discover that if you have dyslexia, you are not alone. Dyslexia affects one in five people, or 20% of the global population, and affects both boys and girls globally. How do I know if my child may be dyslexic? is a major question we frequently get from parents and teachers, and it is addressed in the course. What symptoms or signs should I watch out for?

And now for another crucial question that we frequently get from parents and teachers who want to do the best for their kids: when should dyslexia screening start? What approach works the best? What should I watch out for or inquire about? Parents frequently wonder whether their child's slow reading will prevent them from giving them a happy future. Yes, dyslexics are slow readers, and in this Coursera course, you'll learn about the brain's role in dyslexia and slow reading in particular. It's wonderful to be able to inform you that a dyslexic has an incredible sea of strengths in reasoning and big-picture thinking that surrounds their slow reading. Dyslexics are the real paradox of dyslexia.; the role of accommodations and how to select the best one; and common co-occurring conditions like ADHD and anxiety – their impact, how to identify and address. The wonderful, incredibly perceptive, and highly successful dyslexics you'll meet in the lessons that follow include governors, cardiac surgeons, nationally renowned attorneys, basketball coaches, economists, and dyslexic kids and their wonderful families who will share their experiences and advice. Enjoy!

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