Youtube Video Optimisation and Monetisation Mastery | Free Digital Marketing Keyword Research course


Youtube Video Optimisation and Monetisation Mastery | Free  Digital Marketing Keyword Research course

How to optimise and monetise a YouTube Channel.

Youtube Video Optimisation and Monetisation Mastery | Free  Digital Marketing Keyword Research course

 Step-by-step instructions on how to monetize your YouTube channel. 
 Title, descriptions and tags are important to rank your content. 
 Uploaded content must comply with YouTube's terms of use. 
 First, you need to optimize your content and the content should be relevant for keyword research. Your content is then automatically monetized. This is the best way to generate passive regular income. 
 If you want to optimize them for search, which in turn helps users find your videos. Your video should be to the point, clear and concise. 
 Learn how to upload a custom banner, profile picture and logo  to help promote your channel's overall branding. Make sure the banner is a high-quality photo that reflects what you want to convey with your video. 
 Keyword research provides you with accurate search data to help you answer the following questions: 
 What are people searching for? 
 How many people are looking for this? 
 In what format do they want this information? 
 When you research  your content keyword, you will learn about search volume,  SEO difficulty, and paid difficulty. It is more cost effective to target  content with lower search volume because it is much less competitive. 
 Both high and low competition keywords can be useful because they help you  prioritize keywords and choose the ones that will rank high for your channel. 
 Who this course is for: 
 Beginners to YouTube optimization 
 Difficulties in posting videos 
 Monetizing a YouTube channel

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