Complete Microsoft SQL Server Masterclass:Beginner to Expert | Bestseller Database Microsoft SQL 33% off coupon code


Complete Microsoft SQL Server Masterclass: Beginner to Expert  | Bestseller Database Microsoft SQL 33% off coupon code 

Master course using Microsoft SQL Server. These SQL can also used in Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, etc.

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Complete Microsoft SQL Server Masterclass:Beginner to Expert  | Bestseller Database Microsoft SQL 33% off coupon code 


This Course covers SQL using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and you can apply the logic of these SQL queries in Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQLite, MongoDB, IBM DB2, Redis, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Splunk, MariaDB, Teradata, Hive, Solr, HBase, FileMaker, SAP HANA, Amazon DynamoDB, SAP Adaptive Server, Neo4J, CouchBase, Memcached, and Microsft Azure SQL'.

"Welcome to the most popular Quality complete Course on Microsoft SQL Server(MS SQL Server)"

  • Covers different forms of SELECT Statements

  • Explains how to filter the Records

  • All the Arithmetic operators are explained

  • NULL Values are explained

  • Beautiful examples of all the operators

  • ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING clauses has examples in detail

  • The course covers all the Aggregate Functions and other Functions

  • UNION and JOINs are explained with real-life examples

  • I have explained all types of Joins

  • Data types used in Microsoft SQL

  • Keys and Constraints are explained in detail

Once you enroll for this course, you will master these concepts in detail-

1) Selecting Records from Table - SELECT statement in SQL

2) Filtering the Records - Using WHERE clause in SQL

3) Sorting Records - Using ORDER BY clause

5) Grouping data - using GROUP BY clause

6) complete guide with examples of all the Functions - All aggregate functions covered

7) Creating simple and advanced Tables - with constraints and without constraints


9) Inserting records(loading) - with INSERT Statement

10) Updating the records of a Table - Using UPDATE statement

11) Combining multiple tables - Using UNIONS

12) Joining multiple columns of different tables - Using JOINs

13) Modify table properties - ALTER statement

14) Deleting records from the table - DELETE statement

15) Removing tables from the database permanently - DROP statement


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