How to Recognize the 17 Hidden Sources of Anxiety! | Anxiety Management 100%Free COURSE coupon code


How to Recognize the 17 Hidden Sources of Anxiety! |  Anxiety Management 100%Free COURSE coupon code

Why choose this course over others?

You need this course.

90% of all people across all societies, and age groups in this day and age have anxiety to some extent.

Discovering and uncovering the hidden sources and causes of anxiety in your mind and subconscious mind is very important.


It is NOT ENOUGH to do breathing exercises, meditation, or any of the typical methods you will find online WITHOUT first understanding your causes and source of Anxiety.  Methods that are out there are a coverup or a bandaid and will be effective temporarily.  Why is this?  Because they can only take away the anxiety you are feeling right now.  But the REASONS you feel anxiety are still there unless they are known, acknowledged, and addressed correctly.

This course makes you think, address and uncover the whys and the hows your anxiety first started so that you can reframe your thinking that leads to more anxiety and this has the power to change your life.  This course is the best, most effective way to get to the heart of the matter.  Once you understand yourself fully and you can identify what caused anxiety in the first place, then and only then can all the other methods work!

Anxiety holds you back in life and this course can set you free!

If you suffer like I did for decades, you are going to want to hear this.

And trust me, I tried EVERY method out there and they all worked.. for an hour or a day until the anxiety came crawling back and I was back to square one.  I would get off the medication only to go back to it until I discovered the truths that I share with you in this course.

It is these truths that will make a world of difference in your life!

Also discussed are 21 extra causes of anxiety that do not come from your mind or subconscious programming but from outside external sources and internal sources that are caused physically.  I offer ideas for solutions to ALL these hidden sources of anxiety so that you can move on and glow up to your highest, best self you can be!

We are not usually aware of what causes our anxiety.  We oftentimes go through life with this burden that we could easily let go of, especially if we understood what might be the source.

When we try to discuss this with a counselor or therapist, they ask , "Why are you anxious? What is the cause of your anxiety?" Usually, we don't know, and that is the reason we are sitting on that couch and paying them!  It is not usually easy to figure out!

My aim here is to show you what might possibly be the reasons for your anxiety and I then offer many solutions for these causes.  Once you understand yourself, you will be able to heal, sometimes immediately. 

Sometimes insight shines a light on the anxiety causing it to dissipate in an instant.

Sometimes there are several causes and the solutions are varied and may take a little bit more time, and that's okay.

Everyone is an individual so the solution is never a "one size fits all" solution.


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