Improving Jump Mechanics in your Godot Platformer |FREE COURSE Game Development Fundamentals


Improving Jump Mechanics in your Godot Platformer |FREE COURSE  Game Development Fundamentals

Make your game more friendly to your player and Use real-world physics to make your players movement feel amazing.

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Improving Jump Mechanics in your Godot Platformer


In this class, we’re going to be looking at some tips and tricks to help substantially improve the feel of your game by implementing some behind the scene mechanics that will prevent the player from feeling frustrated and keep them playing.

We’re going to be going over four core ideas:

  • Coyote Time

    • Where we give the player some time when walking off edges to jump

  • Jump Buffering

    • where we allow a jump to happen even when the player has miss timed their jump

  • We’re going to be injecting some real-world physics into our jump math to get a mathematically precise jump and give us, the designer, control down to the exact pixel where the player can jump.

  • Then Finally we're going to use those physics to calculate our movement speed.

Ignoring these four core ideas leads to lower enjoyment and ultimately causes the player to stop playing soon than they want to.

Work alongside me as we solve some of these issues in the Godot Game engine.

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