[Accredited] Mental Health- Handle and change negative moods | Free General Health course coupon code


[Accredited] Mental Health- Handle and change negative moods | Free General Health course coupon code 

Mental health toolbox to gain control over negative moods

Learn expert techniques to manage work & relationship stress, handle bad moods, & increase positivity & focus

Can't handle stress? Feeling overwhelmed by everyday situations? Want to take better control of your moods & focus? Want to handle problems more effectively? This course is for you!

Aman Varma is a certified counsellor and therapist who will share with you some expert techniques to gain control over your mind and regain confidence, focus and calmness if your working and personal life.

We all want to live a life in which we are prospering in professional life, achieving our dreams, getting healthier and also providing a high-quality life to our loved ones. But this idea seems far-fetched because the obstacles that we face in day-to-day life easily disrupt our inner calmness and puts us in terrible moods. And when we don't know strategies to handle our emotions, they keep getting worse. You can already relate to this problem. This starts to create 2nd level problems, meaning not only are we disturbed by our situations, but we now also start getting irritated by our low moods and how much they add to our current struggles. This creates a vicious cycle and spiral down we go. Every day it keeps getting worse and our patience and strength to handle our life start reducing.

We want to get out of this cycle. We want to better understand our minds so that we can handle them better. And if we get a few science-tested techniques to it, what's stopping us from learning them? If you want to get your life in order, experience positive moods more often, be energetic and take on the world with confidence, you need to learn such techniques.

Looking after mental health can preserve your ability to enjoy life. Doing this involves reaching a balance between life activities, responsibilities, and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. Conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety can all affect mental health and disrupt a person’s routine.

In this course, you will learn various techniques that can help you combat everyday problems such as stress, depression, low moods, negative thinking, lack of productivity, etc.


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