Web Scraping Mastery with Python 2023 | Highest Rated Python courrse 26% off


Web Scraping Mastery with Python 2023 | Highest Rated Python course 26% off

Become an expert in web scraping, finding hidden APIs, reversing them, and bypassing web automation/bot detection.

Web Scraping Mastery with Python 2023 | Highest Rated Python courrse 26% off


Web Scraping has become an art in today's online world, more and more websites learn to block automated traffic or generate their data dynamically. Common web scraping techniques are deprecated and tutorials are outdated.

In addition, the first thing you will see when you google web scraping is proxy or scraping service providers, which earn a lot of money by providing scraping services. Those services use certain tricks to provide scraping services for important websites like Amazon, google, etc., but they won't share those tricks (I do in this course). They claim to use emulation or similar techniques to scrape their targets, but in reality, they use much cheaper and more efficient ways of scraping the desired data.

In this course you will learn the web scraping fundamentals within an hour and then proceed with learning those secret tricks, big web scraping providers use.

What can you expect?

We will take a look at the web scraping fundamentals and exercise choosing the optimal scraping solution...

We will build projects to scrape review data of Trustpilot, amazon, google places, and so on...

We will solve real-world practice exercises...

You will have advanced knowledge about anti-bot detections and security mechanisms of websites...

You will learn about advanced web automation...

You will learn about customizing your fingerprint and bypassing automation detections...

You will learn to reverse complex APIs and practice it with real-world examples...

and so much more...


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