ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide | Bestseller Programming Languages course 15% off


ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide | Bestseller Programming Languages course 

Udemy Bestseller Programming Languages course 


By the end of the course, you will have learned the following skills:

  1. Python Fundamentals

    An introduction to Python, including an in depth walkthrough of the Pycharm website layout and interface. You’ll learn about the basics concepts of programming, such as the anatomy of a script, algorithms, variables, data types, and an overview of Python as a programming language. From there, we’ll dive deeper into control flow and the choices the language makes based on branching structures, and how to handle common errors through the process of debugging.

    - Getting started with Python
    - Understand Python as a language of programming
    - Develop your own code

  2. ChatGPT: Fix and Supercharge Your Code

    A step-by-step guide of ChatGPT, including the program interface and how to create an OpenAI account. You’ll then use a pre-rolled prompt that generates code in ChatGPT. You’ll learn how to refine your prompts, ChatGPT’s basic algorithms and efficiency, its weaknesses and limitations, how to fix coding issues, and how to prompt the chatbot to explain sorting algorithms.

    - Basics of ChatGPT
    - Use ChatGPT to write code
    - Prompt ChatGPT to improve and iterate your coding projects faster than ever before

  3. Build Your Own Utility Script
    You will familiarize yourself with the anatomy of a script and how to create a piece of code that is designed to perform specific auxiliary tasks or provide additional functionality to other main programs.

    - Fundamentals of utility scripts
    - Learn simplified code like operators, whitespace, control flow, and interaction
    - Dive into the script anatomy of a calculator script

  4. Create a Customized Web Server
    You will dive into the world of modules and re-factoring to build your own web server.

    - Basics of modules and re-factoring
    - Make new modules
    - Learn about packaging and pip to turn your own library into a package

  5. Design Your Own Game

    You will explore the concept of packing object data together with code as well as inheritance to build your own game.

    - Build your own Blackjack game
    - Embed GPT into games like Cards Against Humanity
    - Write a card game of your choice using your own card library

  6. Engineer Custom API Architecture

    You will learn about the best practices of file I/O (input and output) in Python, modes of file access, handling exceptions in file I/O, API endpoint, basic POST endpoint, and JSON data structures to understand API integration and architecture. 

    - Use GPT to write the boilerplate for a call to an outside API
    - Write API integration for social media platform

    - Write API integration to autosubmit your resume to linkedIn


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