Dart Course for Beginners (Sinhala) | FREE mobile apps Development COURSE


Dart Course for Beginners (Sinhala)

Dart Course for Beginners (Sinhala) | FREE mobile apps Development COURSE
Dart Course for Beginners (Sinhala) | FREE mobile apps Development COURSE 


This course covers the basic parts of Dart Programming Language (hello world, comments, data types, naming variables, const final, arithmetic operations, math library usage, user input, if else condition, relational operation, logical operation, for loop, while loop) is covered.

Hello world - Writing the first program using dart.

Comments - The importance of comments in dart.

Data types - The data types available in dart are described.

Naming variables - How to properly set a variable is explained.

const final - Keywords in darts are described.

Arithmetic operations - A comprehensive explanation is given on how to use the Maths used in everyday life in Dart.

Math library usage - Explained how to import library and math library.

User input - Explained how to get user input in dart.

If Else - Includes details on the usage of if else condition and how it works.

Relational operation - A comprehensive understanding of relational operation has been given.

Logical operation - An understanding of logical operation is explained here about its use.

The first steps of this course will give you a broad understanding of how to properly install and download Dart onto your computer. Links are provided to get the software you need for the course.

This course is presented to you in a very simple way. Please let me know if you have any questions about the course. Here are the links you need to learn more about Dart Programming Language. This course is free of charge so please post your feedback after successful completion of the course.

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