Learn R and Python Programming for Data Visualization | Free R (programming language) COURSE


Learn R and Python Programming for Data Visualization | Free R (programming language) COURSE 

Free Udemy R (programming language) COURSE 

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Learn R and Python Programming for Data Visualization | Free R (programming language) COURSE 


Course Highlights:

  1. Foundation in R Programming: Dive into the world of R, a language crafted specifically for statistical analysis and data visualization.

    • String Manipulation: Understand the intricacies of working with text data, an essential skill for data cleaning and preprocessing.

    • Boolean Logic: Get to grips with logical operations, a cornerstone of any programming language.

    • Control Structures: Master the "if-else" conditional statements, and loop constructs like "while" and "for," giving you the tools to handle data more flexibly.

    • Data Structures: Delve into the heart of R with structures like Vectors, Lists, Matrices, and Arrays. Learn how to efficiently organize, access, and modify your data.

  2. Visualizing Data with R: Translate your data into meaningful visuals.

    • Plot Charts: Learn the basics of plotting and customize your charts to represent data effectively.

    • Scatterplots: Dive into bivariate data analysis and observe relationships and patterns.

    • Bar, Pie, and Line Charts: Showcase categorical data, compare parts-to-whole relationships, and track changes over periods, respectively.

  3. Introductory Python for Visualization: Transition into Python, another titan in the data science world, renowned for its flexibility and robust libraries.

  4. Crafting Visual Stories with Python:

    • Bar and Horizontal Bar Charts: Ideal for representing categorical data, understand when and how to use both vertical and horizontal bar charts.

    • Bubble and Donut Charts: Add an element of depth and segment your data with these visually appealing charts.

    • Line and Time Series Charts: Track changes over time, be it stock prices or temperature fluctuations.

    • Pie and Sunburst Charts: From simple pie charts to hierarchical sunbursts, comprehend the best way to represent hierarchical datasets.

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