Deep Learning: Convolutional Neural Networks in Python | Bestseller black Friday course

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Deep Learning: Convolutional Neural Networks in Python | Bestseller black Friday course 

Bestseller black Friday Udemy course 


This course will teach you:

  • The basics of machine learning and neurons (just a review to get you warmed up!)

  • Neural networks for classification and regression (just a review to get you warmed up!)

  • How to model image data in code

  • How to model text data for NLP (including preprocessing steps for text)

  • How to build an CNN using Tensorflow 2

  • How to use batch normalization and dropout regularization in Tensorflow 2

  • How to do image classification in Tensorflow 2

  • How to do data preprocessing for your own custom image dataset

  • How to use Embeddings in Tensorflow 2 for NLP

  • How to build a Text Classification CNN for NLP (examples: spam detection, sentiment analysis, parts-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition)

  • All of the course materials are available for free download and installation. The majority of our work will be done in Numpy, Matplotlib, and Tensorflow. I'm always happy to answer your questions and guide you through your data science journey.

    This course emphasizes "how to build and understand," rather than "how to use." After reading some documentation, anyone can learn how to use an API in 15 minutes. It's not so much about "remembering facts" as it is about "seeing for yourself" through exploration. It will show you how to visualize what is going on inside the model. This course is for you if you want more than a cursory glance into machine learning models.


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