Deep Learning Masterclass with TensorFlow 2 Over 20 Projects | Data Science Deep Learning Course coupon code 77% off

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Deep Learning Masterclass with TensorFlow 2 Over 20 Projects | Data Science Deep Learning Course coupon code 77% off 

Udemy Data Science Deep Learning Course



We will take you on a fantastic journey in which you will master various concepts step by step and project after project. You will be working with Tensorflow 2 (Google's most popular deep learning library) with Huggingface. We'll start with very simple models (like linear regression models for car price prediction, text classifiers for movie reviews, and binary classifiers for malaria prediction) and progress to more advanced models (like object detection models with YOLO, lyrics generator models with GPT2, and image generation with GANs).

After completing this course and completing the many projects, you will have developed the skill sets required to design modern deep-learning solutions that huge tech organizations face.

You will learn:

  • The Basics of Tensorflow (Tensors, Model building, training, and evaluation)

  • Deep Learning algorithms like Convolutional neural networks and Vision Transformers

  • Evaluation of Classification Models (Precision, Recall, Accuracy, F1-score, Confusion Matrix, ROC Curve)

  • Mitigating overfitting with Data augmentation

  • Advanced Tensorflow concepts like Custom Losses and Metrics, Eager and Graph Modes and Custom Training Loops, Tensorboard

  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) with Weights and Biases (Experiment Tracking, Hyperparameter Tuning, Dataset Versioning, Model Versioning)

  • Binary Classification with Malaria detection

  • Multi-class Classification with Human Emotions Detection

  • Transfer learning with modern Convnets (Vggnet, Resnet, Mobilenet, Efficientnet) and Vision Transformers (VITs)

  • Object Detection with YOLO (You Only Look Once)

  • Image Segmentation with UNet

  • People Counting with Csrnet

  • Model Deployment (Distillation, Onnx format, Quantization, Fastapi, Heroku Cloud)

  • Digit generation with Variational Autoencoders

  • Face generation with Generative Adversarial Neural Networks

  • Text Preprocessing for Natural Language Processing.

  • Deep Learning algorithms like Recurrent Neural Networks, Attention Models, Transformers, and Convolutional neural networks.

  • Sentiment analysis with RNNs, Transformers, and Huggingface Transformers (Deberta)

  • Transfer learning with Word2vec and modern Transformers (GPT, Bert, ULmfit, Deberta, T5...)

  • Machine translation with RNNs, attention, transformers, and Huggingface Transformers (T5)

  • Model Deployment (Onnx format, Quantization, Fastapi, Heroku Cloud)

  • Intent Classification with Deberta in Huggingface transformers

  • Named Entity Relation with Roberta in Huggingface transformers

  • Neural Machine Translation with T5 in Huggingface transformers

  • Extractive Question Answering with Longformer in Huggingface transformers

  • E-commerce search engine with Sentence transformers

  • Lyrics Generator with GPT2 in Huggingface transformers

  • Grammatical Error Correction with T5 in Huggingface transformers

  • Elon Musk Bot with BlenderBot in Huggingface transformers

  • Speech recognition with RNNs

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