Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety (Coronavirus) | Free Mental Health Course

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Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety (Coronavirus) | Free Mental Health Course 

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Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety (Coronavirus) | Free Mental Health Course 


The Growth Mindset for Coronavirus: the Psychology of Mental Health to Find Opportunity in the Crisis and Cope with the Stress and Anxiety of Quarantine and Social Distancing is a course designed to help individuals maintain mental health and psychological well-being during isolation, quarantine, stress, and anxiety due to Covid-19. The course aims to help individuals make good use of their time at home, including doing things that help them learn, grow, and thrive.

During the Coronavirus quarantine and social distancing, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with worry and fear, feel helpless due to disruptive life changes outside of one's control, fill their free time with meaningless distractions, and have their mental and physical health deteriorate. However, this does not have to be this way. By learning how to feel good or better, no matter what is going on around you (mental health), and seeing this as an opportunity (growth mindset), individuals can thrive through the experience.

The course is designed to teach and coach about the psychology of the mind, mental health for anxiety & stress, and how to develop a growth mindset. The course provides strategies for overcoming limitations, disruption, and isolation by embracing a growth mindset and using your time to do things that feed you and help you grow.

The course is designed for people who want to find the opportunity in crisis and make the most of it, develop a growth mindset and positive mental health, cope with stress and anxiety, and be productive, learn, grow, and thrive through this challenging time.

Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy, who have worked with hundreds of thousands of helpers, lightworkers, coaches, and transformation junkies from 200 countries, recognize the importance of being the light that shows others the way. They are offering this course for free, empowering people to transform their lives through education and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, the Growth Mindset for Coronavirus is a valuable resource for those experiencing the challenges of quarantine, social distancing, and the stress of the pandemic. By learning to develop a growth mindset, coping with boredom, and finding hope, individuals can thrive through this challenging time.

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