Graphic Design: Unity and Rhythm Master Class | Free Graphic Design & Illustration course


Graphic Design: Unity and Rhythm Master Class | Free Graphic Design & Illustration course 

Free Udemy Graphic Design & Illustration course 

Graphic Design: Unity and Rhythm Master Class | Free Graphic Design & Illustration course 


This course is a gold mine for art and design students, providing a foundation in visual rhythm and unity. It has taken over 10 years of research, testing, and trial-and-error to develop, and is designed for those who enjoy design and the creative process, as well as professionals who feel they could benefit from a better understanding of how great design works. The course is accessible and affordable, with no prerequisites, and offers greater creative confidence.

Understanding unity and rhythm is powerfully liberating, as it helps to understand the structure of design and its importance in the creative process. The course is not intended to cover all aspects of design knowledge, but rather aims to provide a solid foundation for those aspiring to become better at any aspect of the visual arts.

Testimonials from students and professionals alike praise the course's ability to explain and demonstrate unity and rhythm elegantly, making it a powerful prequel for all art and design students. It emphasizes the importance of keeping the viewer involved in the design process and the importance of repetition and variation in producing a real nice design.

The course is suitable for advanced placement high school to college and university level students, as well as working professionals across various disciplines with an interest in how good design or composition happens and the key principles behind it. It is for people who wish to develop their own visual voice in the visual arts and need to develop a sense for structure and liveliness in their creative work.

In summary, this course is a valuable resource for art and design students, educators, and professionals interested in understanding the fundamental principles of visual rhythm and unity in design. By taking this course, students can gain a head start on their art and design coursework and develop a deeper understanding of the visual arts.

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