Learn React Js in 90 minutes | Free JavaScript course

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Learn React Js in 90 minutes | Free JavaScript course 

Free Udemy  JavaScript course 

Learn React Js in 90 minutes | Free JavaScript course      


This comprehensive React.js course offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of React development, focusing on its foundational concepts, installation process, and maintaining a clean project structure. The course covers styling, imports, and exports, focusing on effective code organization and managing exports. The fourth module introduces class components and the concept of state, a pivotal element in constructing dynamic user interfaces. The course also explores how to update the state within class components, ensuring applications respond dynamically to user interactions.

The course also explores the significance of props, a mechanism for data transfer between components, and the lifecycle of class components. The eighth module introduces hooks, a game-changer in React development, specifically the useState hook, which manages state within functional components. The useEffect hook is essential for handling side effects in React applications, such as data fetching and subscriptions. The course also explores rendering lists of items dynamically using the map() function, enhancing scalability.

The course also covers handling forms in React, covering best practices, controlled components, and form submissions. The course concludes with an exploration of React Router, a powerful tool for creating navigation in applications, and an in-depth look at the Link component. By the end of the course, the learner will have a solid foundation in React.js, empowering them to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces for web applications.

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