Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects >>>> Bestseller Data Science Course 38% off

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects >>>> Bestseller Data Science Course 38% off

Bestseller Udemy  Data Science Course

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects >>>> Bestseller Data Science Course 38% off


This course on Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects is designed for students and professionals interested in learning this field. NLP has become an integral part of our daily lives, with applications such as Google News, Android speech recognition, and Google Translate. The course covers a wide range of topics from the basics to deep learning, using Google Colab as an online environment.

The course begins with a comprehensive overview of the course, including the installation and setup of Google Colab, which provides an online environment for learning NLP tasks. It then delves into basic NLP tasks such as tokenization, lemmatization, stop word removal, name entity recognition, and speech tagging. The course also covers spam message classification, restaurant review prediction, IMDB, Amazon and Yelp review classification, and how to apply different machine learning estimators (Logistic Regression, SVM, Decision Tree) for classifying text.

The course also covers automated text summarization and Twitter sentiment analysis, focusing on real-world applications of NLP. The course covers the use of the Twitter API-tweepy library for automatic text summarization and sentiment analysis. The course also covers deep learning basics, such as artificial neural network activation function and how ANN works. Word embedding is also covered, demonstrating how to implement word2vec on custom datasets and using pretrained Google models.

The course also covers text classification with CNN and RNN, applying advanced deep learning models like convolution neural networks and recurrent neural networks for text classification. Automatic text generation using TensorFlow, Keras, and LSTM is also discussed, with the application of neural network-based LSTM models to automatically generate text.

Finally, the course covers Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and File Processing concepts, covering data analysis with Numpy and Pandas libraries, data visualization with Matplotlib library, and text file processing and PDF file processing.

This comprehensive course is designed for anyone interested in learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and aims to empower their careers by providing lifetime access to the course, an Udemy Certificate of Completion, and friendly support in the Q&A section. Enroll today and start mastering NLP with Python, and you'll see Ankit and Vijay inside a class.

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