Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 3.0 >>>> Highest rated Kali Linux Course


Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 3.0 >>>>  Highest rated Kali Linux Course 

Highest rated Udemy Kali Linux Course 

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Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 3.0 >>>>  Highest rated Kali Linux Course 


This Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 3.0 course is part three of a series that focuses on hands-on technical labs to prepare for the actual job and practical certifications such as OSCP. The course requires a reliable internet connection, a decent laptop or PC capable of supporting at least two virtual machines, and at least 8 GB of RAM. Virtual Box will be used as a software hypervisor to spin up Kali Linux, an industry standard penetration testing operating system.

The course covers enumeration, vulnerability scanning, and automated and manual exploitation, covering key essential pentesting skills such as port scanning, service enumeration, local file inclusion, web directory brute forcing, buffer overflows exploit development, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, various types of reverse shells, and local privilege escalation. All technology utilized in these recordings is current as of June 2019, but some software may be different when taking the course.

Technology is constantly changing, so some software seen in these videos may be different when you take the course. However, it should be similar enough for you to figure out with quick Google searches or with my assistance if needed. You can reach out to me via messaging or Q&A system, but I highly encourage you to perform troubleshooting on your own, as the ability to research and troubleshoot is one of the single most important skill sets as a penetration tester and IT professional in general.

I am looking forward to working with all of you and hope you enjoy my course. Please leave a review if you enjoy it, as it allows me to reach more dedicated students and existing or aspiring cyber security professionals.

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