Website Hacking / Penetration Testing >>>> Bestseller Penetration Testin course


Website Hacking / Penetration Testing >>>> Bestseller Penetration Testin course 

Bestseller UDEMY Penetration Testin course 

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Website Hacking / Penetration Testing >>>> Bestseller Penetration Testin course 


This course focuses on website hacking and penetration testing, assuming no prior knowledge in hacking. It starts with the basics of how websites work and installs the necessary software (on Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS). Then, the course begins by learning how to gather comprehensive information about the target website, such as DNS information, services used, subdomains, un-published directories, sensitive files, user emails, websites on the same server, and the hosting provider.

The course is divided into several sections, each aiming to teach you a common vulnerability from the OWASP top 10 most common security threats. Each section takes you through a number of hands-on examples to teach you the cause of the security bug or vulnerability and how to discover and exploit it in various scenarios, from simple to advanced. You will also learn advanced techniques to bypass filters and security, escalate your privileges, access the database, and more post-exploitation techniques.

The main vulnerabilities covered in this section include Information Disclosure, File upload, Code Execution, Local File Inclusion, Remote File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Insecure Session Management,Brute Force & Dictionary Attacks, and CSRF (Client-Side Request Forgery).

Post Exploitation is the third section, where you learn what can be done with the access gained by exploiting the vulnerabilities. You will learn how to convert reverse shell access to a Weevely access, execute system commands on the target server, navigate between directories, access other websites on the same server, upload/download files, access the database, and even download the whole database to your local machine. You will also learn how to bypass security, privilege escalation, and do all of the above with limited permissions on the server.

The course is created for educational purposes only and is a product of Zaid Sabih & zSecurity, with no other organization or certification exam involved. However, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, and no other organization is involved in this course.

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