1-Hour ChatGPT Prompting Basics Course (2024) >>>>>>>> Free ChatGPT course

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1-Hour ChatGPT Prompting Basics Course (2024) >>>>>>>> Free ChatGPT course

Free Udemy ChatGPT course

1-Hour ChatGPT Prompting Basics Course (2024) >>>>>>>> Free ChatGPT course


This entry-level course on ChatGPT prompts is designed for professionals who want to improve work efficiency, make decisions, or provide convenience and advice in their daily life. It consists of four parts:

1. A simple explanation of the principles behind ChatGPT and prompts. Understanding these principles will help you comprehend the content and create better prompts based on them.

2. Common techniques for writing prompts, including using separators, checking specific vocabulary, and specifying output requirements. Mastering these techniques will differentiate you from ordinary ChatGPT users.

3. Effective methods for writing prompts, including six questioning methods, including Role-playing, Audience-Targeted, Scenario-Based, and Question decomposition methods.

4. A discussion on designing a complete prompt from an idea, combining the techniques and methods learned. An example of TikTok operations is made, where ChatGPT creates a "strategy to gain 100,000 followers from 0".

Once you master this prompt design process, you can apply it to other cases and solve almost any problem. Join us in learning together and gain multiple times the ability to use ChatGPT effectively.

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