Become a Climate Change Influencer >>>>>> Free Leadership course

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Become a Climate Change Influencer >>>>>> Free Leadership course

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Become a Climate Change Influencer
Become a Climate Change Influencer 


Global warming is causing calamities, with greenhouse gas levels predicted to rise by 20 meters by mid-century and potentially end civilization or cause a sixth extinction. Geoengineering, a controversial solution, has been proposed to combat this issue. Some geoengineering proposals, such as planting forests or enhanced rock weathering, are not controversial at all. Nature has been using rocks to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through rain, which absorbs CO2 into carbonated fizz water. This acidic rainwater reacts with minerals to form baking soda, which traps carbon in a solid form that falls to the ocean floor.

Pulverizing rocks increases the surface of the carbonated water, which can be used to speed up the process. Rocks contain minerals that plants use to produce healthy food, which are depleted by poor farming techniques. Adding rocks to fields replenishes the missing ingredients, making it a good investment for farmers. Seaweed and charcoal also help remove carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it.

YouTube has hosted 592 YouTube forums about preventing disasters to humanity, and these lessons have been condensed into five lessons. These lessons are excerpts from informal conversations with experts, providing valuable information on cutting-edge climate research. To become an influencer, students need to practice and compare experiences with others, and to become a great talker, they need to learn about current research and become comfortable bringing up the subject with people who would never have mentioned it themselves.

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