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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to deliver memorable Elevator Pitches everyday FREE

In this course you will receive 4 different frameworks that you can use to develop your very own personal and individual elevator pitches. No one method is right for everyone, you choose the elements that best suit your personality and style and build from there.

What is an "elevator pitch"?

An elevator pitch is a hook designed to gain intrigue followed by interest by providing a basic introduction to whatever you are have to offer be that, you, your product, your service or your offering.

An "elevator pitch" is a succinct, carefully planned, and well-practiced message about your professional self that your grandmother should be able to understand in the time it takes to go from the ground floor to the 15th floor in an elevator.

It should be of interest and last no longer than 60 seconds; the words should resonate with your unique personality and interests and most importantly of all make you memorable and different for all the right reasons.


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