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Monday, 9 July 2018

Facebook Marketing: How To Create A Lead Generation Ad -2018

You already know Facebook's advertising platform is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available.

One of the most underutilized but more powerful tools of Facebook advertising is the ability to capture leads through micro targeting. While likes and video views are good, leads, whether it be email addresses or names and addresses are gold. 

Facebook Marketing: How To Create A Lead Generation Ad -2018 Udemy Course 100% Off

Facebook Marketing: How To Create A Lead Generation Ad -2018 Udemy Course 100% Off

Harness the power of Facebook and create a compelling lead campaign that you can use to grow your email list. I'll walk you through
  • Step by step on how to setup a lead generation campaign
  • How to review the analytics after a campaign has run
  • How to download the leads in either a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.
  • The setup of a privacy policy
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone that is looking to increase number of customers and clients
  • Anyone wanting to do your own marketing - and not waste money
  • Get the course 

How to Sell on Amazon - Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners- FREE COUPON CODE

You will learn to:
- Register and setup your seller central account even if you live outside the USA
Get paid anywhere in the world
Get back in the game if your Amazon account was previously suspended
- Where to source products
- Which selling strategies are most common
- How to correctly label products for Amazon FBA
- How Amazon Messaging System works
- What buyer information do I get from Amazon
- Feedback vs. Reviews - what is the difference?
- Amazon terminology every seller should be aware of
- In which countries Amazon has it's fulfillment centers, so you know where to plan your brand expansion if you are doing private labeling

All this...for FREE! (but remember this is only introduction to selling with Amazon FBA course)
If you want more advance training on private labeling, Amazon FBA and Amazon SEO please check my other courses.

1) You have opportunity to ask me and my team anything anytime
2) Join the discussion and learn from previously answered questions on the discussion board
3) Get latest Amazon Policy UPDATE notifications and explanations

If you are just starting with Amazon FBA then this course is an absolute must!
Talk to you inside! :)
Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Business owners

Home Business Models: Easy-to-Start Profitable Ideas - UDEMY FREE COUPON

Do you want to make money online with your own home business? Are you tired of being told that it's easy to make millions off the Internet? Would you like a realistic strategy that actually works for real people? What if you could actually build an online business that offered high profit margins and required no significant up-front investment?  

Home Business Models: Easy-to-Start Profitable Ideas - UDEMY FREE COUPON

Whatever it is that brought you to this page, you’re obviously looking for answers. The good news is you’ve come to the right place.

I've spent the past 10 years working for myself, and I would never dream of punching another clock or trudging to someone else’s office every day to collect a meager paycheck. That’s because I’ve discovered the secret: when you work for yourself, you’re happier, more productive, and you have unlimited earning potential.
After all, why would you want to work so hard to fund someone else’s dreams?
Working for myself has allowed me to live a lifestyle that many people can only dream about. I have the flexibility to create the life I want, take days off when I need to, and I decide how much money I make by choosing the hours I work
But don’t be fooled. Working from home at a home-based business isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business that makes money.
It is possible to build your own profitable online business, but you can't do it overnight (despite what you have been told by so-called Internet marketing gurus). The simple truth is that you need to choose a solid niche from day one, be willing to consistently work on your business over the course of several months and follow the path laid before you by people that have actually done it.
This is not just another course by an "Internet marketing guru" that teaches you to "make money online."
I have been building online businesses for more than a decade and he has built multiple six-figure and seven-figure Internet businesses in many different niches. I'm not a  "business guru" that makes money online by teaching people to make money online. 
With this course you will receive my step-by-step plan that will show you exactly how to build your own profitable Internet business (even if you aren't very tech savvy).
The indispensable guide to earning a six-figure take-home income on your own terms. 

The rise of one-million-dollar, one-person businesses in the past five years is the biggest trend in employment today, offering the widest range of people the most ways to earn a living while having the lifestyles they want.
In my course, I’m pleased to offer you proven, realistic ways to work from home and earn a great income. And I won’t just offer you a brief explanation of each method like some other courses do. Both inspirational and practical, this course will appeal to all who seek a great worklife and a great lifestyle.
I will explain you how to identify, launch, grow, and reinvent the business, showing how a single individual can generate $1 million in revenue--something only larger small companies have done in the past with some legitimate ways to make money online.
In each lecture, I provide you with the information and facts you need to determine if that business is right for you, you’ll have everything you need to begin.
So, the choice is yours. Will you wake up tomorrow morning and spend your day funding someone else’s dreams, or will you finally take the steps needed to claim your own success?
Why not start right now? 
It’s one of the most important things you’ll do to begin the process of achieving your own dreams, so ENROLL TODAY with confidence because your enrollment is backed by our 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners that wants to make money online but does not know how to get started
  • Internet marketers that has tried to create an online business before and failed
  • Anyone who wants an online business for long-term passive income
  • Anyone who wants to make money right away with an online business starting with less than 500$

  • Get the course 

How I Profit Selling Specific Items On Ebay - Free udemy course

What is the course about?
Looking to make money online selling on Ebay? This course will help you mak money online on Ebay without having to worry about what items to sell and where to outsource them from. 
This is NOT a dropshipping Ebay business - its the real deal and it doesn't get any simpler than this.
The course includes the exact list of itmes that I sell on Ebay and make profits every month. It also has all the exact steps that helped me maximize my profits on ebay. You just have to copy the steps and implement them.
How I Profit Selling Specific Items On Ebay - free doupon code

Who is it for?
This course is for anyone who wants to make money online without spending a lot of upfront cash. Anyone with a basic understanding of English can master ebay selling through this course. Its broken down into bite sized chunks so its easy for you to understand and implement everything.
What is included?
Everything that you need to make money online selling on Ebay is included in the course. That includes the exact list of profitable items to sell and also the sources from where you can buy them from for super cheap. 
Costs Involved?
You can get started with as little as $50 and once you have made some profits you can scale up further.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone Who Wants To Make Money Online
  • If You Want To Make Money Selling On Ebay This Course Is For You
  • This Course Is Not For Those Who Can't Spend Time Listing And Buying Items For Selling On Ebay
  • Get the course

Investing With A Robo Advisor -Free udemy course

Investing can seem hard but with Robo Investing it is easy to get a low cost, professionally designed, a portfolio of assets from stocks to bonds and more that matches your goals and risk tolerance. The number of Robo advisors is exploding but with hundreds to choose from all with varying offers and fees how do you make the right choice?


Plus get full deep dive unbiased screen-share reviews of some of the biggest and best Robo-Advisors available and how to evaluate them.
Learn from Steve Ballinger, one of Udemy's top Personal Finance Instructors with over 230,000 happy students.

Investing With A Robo Advisor - free udemy course coupon

In this course you will learn:
  • How does Robo Investing work?
  • What is the big idea going on here and why growing so fast.
  • How you can get great diversification and low fees with a Robo Advisor.
  • How do Robo Advisors design a portfolio that matches your goals and level of risk tolerance.
  • What types of funds are in your portfolio and how to evaluate them.
  • How to choose the best Robo Advisor for you.
  • How to dig deep and evaluate Robo Advisor costs so you do not get ripped off.
  • How do Robo Advisors automatically re-balance your holdings.
  • What is Tax Loss Harvesting and why you should care.
  • How can a Robo Advisor ft in your overall investment strategy.
  • Deep dive reviews of some of the biggest and best Robo-Advisors!
  • Plus much more!
You will save a tremendous amount of time and avoid mistakes that could save you quite a bit by taking this focused course so you can start investing more right away.
Just click the button to get started. With a 30 day full money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting this powerful technology to your advantage.
Many thanks and I hope to see you in the course!
Steve B
Who is the target audience?
  • Perfect for beginner investors looking for an easy and low cost way to invest by leveraging technology.
  • Great for more experienced investors who want to use Robo Investing as a strategy as part of their overall investment portfolio.
  • Get the course 

St John Ambulance: Baby First Aid - FREE udemy course

Why is baby first aid important?
Many parents are worried about different conditions that could affect their baby. If you're a parent, grandparent, a carer or if you work with babies, learning baby first aid will give you confidence to save a life when it really counts.
Our baby first aid course teaches simple, lifesaving skills. First aid topics are taught in line with babies’ developmental stages, helping to reassure parents and prepare them for the first year and beyond.
We cover a whole range of different conditions and techniques; from knowing how to put an infant in the recovery position if they are unresponsive but breathing, to giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if they’re not.
What will you learn?
Primary survey
What to do if your baby is choking
What to do if your baby is unresponsive
What to do if your baby has a seizure
What to do if your baby isn’t breathing
What are the requirements?
This course is suitable for parents, grandparents and anyone who spends time looking after babies.
Who are St John Ambulance?
St John Ambulance is the UK’s leading first aid charity.
Our volunteers provide first aid in their communities, keeping people safe at events, and working alongside the NHS in response to 999 calls. We’re also always campaigning to raise awareness of first aid and directly educate the public.
St John Ambulance training
Every year, more than 400,000 people learn how to save a life through our training programmes, including hundreds of thousands of young people.
We’re the leading provider of workplace training, reaching over 250,000 people a year and we also teach in the community, giving people access to important skills they wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to learn.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who spends time with babies or children under the age of one and wishes to have a knowledge of first aid
  • Get the course 

Image Manipulation with Python and Pillow - udemy free coupon

Pillow is a free and open source library for the Python programming language that allows you to easily create and manipulate images.
In this course, we'll take a hands-on approach to learning the library with several projects:
  • A command line application to convert image file types
  • A tool to detect the edges of an object to crop around it
  • Resizing and adding logos and watermarks dynamically to a source image
  • Removing solid backgrounds similar to the Chroma key effect
All of the source code is included with the course, so you can learn by coding along, watching the videos, or refactoring the code to meet your needs.
If you're looking to automate your image editing workflow, expand your knowledge of Python, or are seeking your next creative project, this course is a must for you.
Who is the target audience?
  • Developers looking to automate image editing
  • Beginner+ Python developers who are looking for accessible, hands-on projects
  • Marketers with some coding background who want to automate images for their campaigns

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners - Free udemy coupon

Do you Want to Learn Photoshop in a Fun Way Taught by a Friendly Education Expert?
After the huge success of the first version we had to do another to help more people like you create designs for the web. This course is IDEAL for total beginners who want to know why behind each of the tools, why behind the methods and why even use Photoshop for web design in the first place.
The course is very well explained, gives you lots of nice files to practice with and you will be able to create a web page design at the end of it!
Course Description
This course is designed to teach you the basics of Photoshop, even if you have little to no experience with it, to create profitable web designs that help you stand out from the competition.
Over 20,000 Students has been taking the old course already, this is the new version of Photoshop (cc)
Are you new to Photoshop (cc) or Need a refresher? Then this course will help you learn the basics of Photoshop.
Why Choose This Course?
Have you ever noticed how beautiful some websites look? That's because of the perfect design that have been made in Photoshop. Also you can definitely make a substantial income once you learn more about Photoshop.
“I created this course to teach you the knowledge that will help you with Photoshop since I was in your shoes some years ago. If you need support, my company Web Courses Bangkok will be just a message or an email away, feel free to visit our website. I love when my students succeed and that for me is priceless. You success depends on yours and I will make sure with that you get all the help you need when you need it." – Carl Heaton, Senior Instructor
We take our courses very seriously but at the same time we try to make it fun since we know how difficult it can be learning from an instructor over the web. This course is fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me. Also the courses are well illustrated and easy to understand.
The Approach
Practice, practice and more practice. In every lecture you will find the required .psd files to download. Along the way I will be explaining what to do with the files and how to use them.

This Photoshop course Covers the following;
  • Explanation about the interface of Photoshop cc
  • Using the paint brush
  • Using shapes and making custom shapes
  • Using layers and groups
  • Explanation about moving and resizing
  • Zooming and panning
  • Using different blending modes and effects
  • Insterting and adjusting text into Photoshop
  • During the course you will also learn some keyboard shortcuts

Some of my students reviews for the older version of this course:
"great course. Thank you Mr Carl Heaton for this great and simple course!" - Vili
"Thank You !! Even though I've played around with Photoshop before this course was really worthwhile and I learnt things which will definitely help me. You are a really good presenter and you make it easy to understand, I'll definitely be taking more of your courses :-)" - Sue Henderson
"The Way that the Courses are put together are awesome. Love the Way that you Put the Courses Together. The Second Showing is what makes the difference." - Marc Antonio Turner
"Excellent course for web designers that want to make there page designs in Photoshop. It explains all I needed to know to design my first website." - Koen van Dieren
Who is the target audience?
  • beginners at Photoshop and or Web Design
  • people interested in UI design
  • someone with time on their hands and fancy a laugh while learning
  • Get the course 

Photoshop In-Depth: Master all of Photoshop's Tools Easily- Free udemy course

Photoshop In-Depth: Master all of Photoshop's Tools Easily- Free udemy course

In this Photoshop course, I introduce and explain the various tools in Photoshop. Every single tool is covered, with the exception of 3D tools. Advanced modes and options are also covered. By the time you've finished this course, you will be an expert at Photoshop's tools. However, some students may option not to complete the entire course and instead use this as a reference to learn about specific tools. If that's the case, jump around to which tool you have questions about, even though you might be missing some helpful content by not completing all the lectures. The lectures are ordered in the order they are located in the Tools panel.
Students can follow along in Photoshop and practice adjusting the various tools’ options and use them in conjunction with each other, whether it’s the Type Tools, the Pen Tools, or the Shape Tools, or digital darkroom tools like the Clone Stamp Tool, the Sponge Tool, and so on.
There are 11 lectures on the various selection tools. This could normally be a course by itself, but it is included as one section in this course. If you complete this course, you will be an expert at making selections in Photoshop!
I have years of experience using Photoshop, including doing web and advertising design at a newspaper, an advertising design firm, a library system, and freelance work for about two decades. I’ve also been managing editor at two international graphic design magazines, and I’m currently a full-time professor of graphic design and digital media. I’ve taken classes on digital production and design during my undergraduate and graduate work.
So enroll today and let’s learn about Photoshop’s tools and their neat uses and effects.
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners to Photoshop as well as more advanced users would benefit from taking this course.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Photoshop's tools.
  • Anyone who wants to use Photoshop to create and explore their inner artist!
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about Photoshop's tools in order to pursue web design, app design, photo editing, and so on.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

One-minute Marketing Lessons - 30 Quick Marketing Strategies - free udemy course

Are you an entrepreneur, or do you run a small business?
Do you feel that marketing is overwhelming?
Do you have 30 minutes to master the basics?
With 30 of my best marketing tips, you will understand marketing a little deeper, and it takes only a few minutes to learn them all! And if you want more, there is one detailed article attached to each lecture.
Build a foundation for your marketing with this short course.
  • How to find your best customers
  • Write better blog posts
  • Drive massive traffic to your website
  • Understand sales funnels
  • Email marketing tips
Learn a powerful skill in just 1 minute
In this course, I collected short topic overviews with free marketing tools that an entrepreneur can use to be successful in his business.
Content overview:
This will be your introduction to marketing, to help you get familiar with basic market research, sales funnels, email marketing, blogging, and even writing better ads.
Each lecture is around 1 minute long, and covers basic marketing knowledge - as much as I can tell in 1 minute.
Note: This course is not about technical skills like how to build a website, or how to use an email autoresponder. These are practical tips for building a marketing plan, with marketing tools and tactics.
Who is the target audience?

Google AdWords For Small Business - free udemy course

Google AdWords For Small Business - free udemy course

What if I told you that you can run profitable ads WITHOUT paying for them? You'd probably think I'm crazy right?
Well, I must inform you that this is 100% possible and it's done by offsetting your cost per acquisition.
For example, you sell personal training sessions. Before running your ads, you will have to find out how much it costs to acquire a new customer.
Let's say you sell your sessions for $100. If your cost per acquisition is $20 then you will want to offer a "bump offer" or small end product before your potential customer signs up for a full price session. 
Without doing this, you'll only end up profiting $80 per initial session. However, as an example you could sell cheap meal plan for $19.99 and it's a 1 time offer. When you generate a lead for your personal training session, you're offering this low cost item first which will offset your cost per acquisition. 
In simple terms, you're using small end products/services to offset the cost of acquiring a new customer. 
When you do this with running profitable ads, you will see exactly how much it costs to acquire a customer from your paid ads. This is called Cost Per Conversion.
This course dives deep into how to set up a successful AdWords account. You'll end this course knowing exactly how to master Google AdWords.
Some of the best lessons in the course include:
  • Setting up KPI reports
  • Spying on competitors ad performance
  • Finding high quality keywords
  • Setup remarketing ads
  • Breaking down ad performance
  • Setting up highly profitable ads for your small business
This course is designed for all small business owners because it was built by a small business owner. When you understand how paid ads work, you have the ability to completely dominate your online marketing. That is what you will learn in this course. 
I hope to see you on the inside of this jam packed course.
Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners
  • Thriving businesses that want to generate more clients by running profitable ads
  • Get the course 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Wordpress Security Master Class Protect Your Business Today - udemy free coupon

Wordpress Security Master Class Protect Your Business Today - udemy free coupon 

Wordpress Security | Master Class | Protect your Business Today 
Creating an Online Business requires a lot of planning and dedicated resources. Without securing it, all of your investment and time can go in vain or wasted in simple word. Let's talk about some statistics, everyday more than 50 thousands websites get blacklisted, hackers are winning big times due to the vulnerabilities available in wordpress websites as usually people forget to protect them through already available solutions
Let's understand, what it takes to secure a wordpress website and save you money and time in long run.
In this course we will cover, the Security as a whole and eliminate security threat on each 3 levels. We will learnour online adversaries, Hacker's intentions, how they exploit someone's Business to gain money and how we can stop them and create a ring fence
When 10's of Thousands of websites are at risk every single day, it is important to understand how you can avoid being on that list by following some simple rules that i have defined in this course. 
What we will cover in this course ? 
> We will cover 3 levels of security
> what tools and techniques are available to ring fence online business
> How we can protect wordpress login attacks
> how different plugins can help to stop Bruteforce attack and SQL Penetration
We will discuss how we can protect our front door by changing the login page and implementing 2 Factors Authentication
This is not all, we will go in depth and understand how we can protect directories and will take LIVE EXAMPLE that how people can lose money if they don't take proper measures. 
> After preventive measures, we will explore what are detective measures
> which tool can help to scan website for malware and different between premium and free tools
> We will explore how we can automate scanning
Once we will cover the Preventive and Detective measures, we will discuss the Backup Strategies and Solutions available. 
> How we can conduct backups on regular basis
> How we can automate this process with help of free and paid tools
Finally we will cover all stages and prepare Master Plan or contingency Plan.  
In this plan we will discuss, what steps we need to take in case our website get compromise and how we can bring our website back to Business As Usual
I am sure there is a lot more so let's start this course today and protect your Business. 
I'll see you in this course. Thanks
Who is the target audience?
  • Bloggers that use WordPress Website
  • Online Ecommerce Business Owners that have WordPress store
  • Anyone who doesn't want to loose time, money and hard work that is invested to setup wordpress website
  • Get the course 

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