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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Introduction to Freelancing FREE

Freelancing is one of the biggest trends in employment today and is trending to become even bigger still. Chances are you've heard of freelance employment or perhaps know somebody that does it. We want to introduce what freelancing is, why it's such a growing trend, and how you can get started. We think there's tons of benefits to freelancing whether for your career or for a more exciting, flexible lifestyle. 

So in this first of Reverse Tide's three part freelancing series, we will introduce all the most important elements of freelancing and set you up to get started today!

What is the target audience?
People serious about their career and interested in what freelancing can add to it
People new to the concept of freelancing but intrigued by the prospect of learning more or giving it a try
If you're already a freelancer or know a lot about it, consider Reverse Tide's other freelance 

courses (designed for intermediate and advanced freelancers)

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