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Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Complete Wordpress Theme Development Guide 100% free

Learn how to build custom wordpress themes with understrap and launch custom sites and web apps using Wordpress, PHP, HTML, SASS, Gulp and more. This course is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know to build your own custom sites with Wordpress.
Wordpress powers about 27% of the websites in the world, so these skills are invaluable. Wordpress developers earn on average $65,000 per year and upwards of $100,000 with more experience. You can also use these skills for freelancing or selling custom site themes to the public.
In this course, you'll learn Wordpress theme development. This will allow you to build your own websites and give them a custom user interface (look and feel). You'll walkaway with the confidence to create your own sites on the fly.
You can then extend your sites to have capabilities like social networking, login/logout systems, e-commerce/online store, membership subscriptions, and much more using the vast Wordpress plugin ecosystem.
Specifically, in this course, you'll learn the following:
  1. Setting Up for Coding
  2. Using Understrap starter theme
  3. How Wordpress Theme Files Work
  4. PHP for Wordpress
  5. How to Save and Display Page Content From a MySQL Database
  7. Bootstrap 4 for Layout and Design
  8. Dynamic Navigation Menus
  9. Common Wordpress Functions for the Functions File
  10. Custom Page Templates
  11. Javascript Animations

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