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Saturday, 20 January 2018

How To Create Online Course From Scratch>>> 199$>> free

Finally the course finished and waiting for you 
but before you enroll you should know what this course talking about?
this course is talking about how to start your online teaching career in a regular steps in this course you will learn the following :
  • How to use your current tools?
i will show how to use your current tools and develop it as soon as possible to make a professional studio and what is the recommended tools to create your studio
  • How to talk to camera easily?
when you talk to camera for the first time you will be confused and afraid in this course i will show how to get raid of this and to be also attractive and people like to listen to you
  • How to validate your course?
you have an idea but you dont know that people will like it or not and may me you dont have any ideas but want to start your online teaching career no worry about this point if have an idea or not i will show how make sure that your idea is accepted for people or not and if you dont have ideas i will show you how to find a one
  • How to promote your course?
after you finished your course creation you dont know how to promote your course and this the crucial part in the course promoting on social media which is the most important place and even deal sites
  • How to create a website?
to increase your presence and your audience i will show you how to create your website in simplest way without codes to brand yourself also
  • How to sell your course?
once you done all the hard work of online course creation remains the last step to publish your course which is how to put the attractive price to drive people purchasing my online course and which places support this kind of work (teaching online course) dont worry in my course i will show how step by step
all of this and more in my online course so like you exactly i looking at money in the first step when i started my online teaching career and then i found that this is not true first looking at the content which you introduce to people and make a researches to give people the best results and then you will earn best money 
All right lets get started hope you enjoy it 
Happy learning 
Who is the target audience?

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