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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Docker 2017 - Learn in 10 Days " BESTSELLING course " 80% off 10$

This course consist of two major parts.
First is a 10 Day section to learn how docker works from beginners to advanced. All the basic would be covered and explained in detail. Everything would be done hands-on. 
In the second part I'll explain Industry Use Cases where docker is being used in production and do labs for these also. 

With the course you can expect the below from me.
1. You can reach out to me and I'll respond to your queries asap. 
2. I'll keep updating the courses regularly as new features are rolled out by Docker. 

High % of  5 * REVIEWS Till Date 
Product Owner Muqadus 
Trust me, even an IT novice will understand how Docker works after taking this amazingly well laid-out 10 day Docker course. Big Data, Cloud Computing and Containers are the next big thing in IT and we have Containers covered in this course. Brownie points to the instructor for making it so simple and easy to understand.

Exceptionally well made course, I completed more than 50 %, the first time I started doing this. Very nice teaching style & the instructor explains the concepts very well and extremely useful community tools were introduced. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand the workings of the Docker engine.

David Setliff
He's explanations make perfect sense and he's goes at a good speed for experienced sys admins

Was looking for some material on dockers that is easy to grasp. Did not find anything better than this on Docker and Containers. To the point, Easy to understand and well explained. Thank you.

Nitest Srivastava
Excellent Course!!! Very explicitly and diligently explained. Must watch for starters like me. Wonderful job and kudos to the instructor.

Sandeep Ajjampur
Excellent !! Specially for beginning with

Virasat Khan
Awesome course.

Chanchal Pandey 
Nicely Done , the best part is Starting from Basic

We would also use graphical tools to understand how orchestration works for containers and how the system self heals. We would create nginx web servers, wordpress websites, three tier architecture based websites etc & also learn how Docker for Azure & AWS works.  
The course has been divided into multiple sections and for each section there would be a word document in the resources section where I have put all the commands that we would be using in the course. 
This course deals entirely with the docker engine and the commands that are used for getting things done using docker. Throughout the course we focus on enhancing the knowledge of the prospective student on docker.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to master Docker quickly
  • System Admins, Developers, Dev-Ops engineers
  • IT managers, IT Executives & anyone who wants to understand the business value of containers
Get the course :-

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